Rishton Ka Manjha 5th February 2022 Written Update

The Inspector Says Amitabh Has To Go With Us. Madhuri Cries For Him. Amitabh Says You Shouldn’t Cry, You Have Compromised All Your Life But What Did I Do For You All? I Might Have Lost My Business And Respect But I Have Found My Family. You All Are With Me And That’s What Matters To Me. Amitabh Tells Love That You Have Always Followed Me For Business But Now You Have To Take Care Of This Family Also. He Tells Kush That You Have Cared For Our Family But You Have To Help Love Now In Business Also. He Tells Madhuri That I Know I Have Asked A Lot From You But I Know You Will Keep This Family Together. He Tells Diya That I Never Accepted You, I Never Believed When They Said You Are A Blessing, I Thought You Were A Curse But You Proved Me Wrong, You Are A Blessing For Us And You Have Become Hope In Arjun’s Life So Take Care Of Him And My Family. He Sadly Looks At Madhuri And Starts Leaving. Arjun Looks On. Amitabh Turns To Arjun And Says Forgive Me If You Can Son. Arjun Is Surprised. Amitabh Leaves With The Police. Madhuri Cries For Him. Diya Consoles Her.

At Night Time, Diya Comes To Her Room And Sees Lights Turned Off. Arjun Is Crying Silently, She Says I Know You Are Blaming Yourself But Baba Went To Jail Because Of His Mistakes, I Know You Always Cared For Him. The Gap Between You And Baba Was Filled Today With Emotions. She Hugs Him As He Cries.

Scene 2
Karan Is Sitting In The Investigation Room And Recalls Arjun. The Inspector Says Khurrana Wants To Talk To You, Karan Takes The Call And Says Why Are You Calling Now? They Arrested Me But You Were Not There For Me. Khurrana Says The News Was Out In The Media So I Couldn’t Do Anything But I Will Pull Some Levers To Get You Out Of There Soon, Just Calm Down. Karan Shouts That I Will Destroy Arjun And His Family. Khurrana Says Don’t Do Anything Drastic As The Media Is Watching You, Amitabh Is Not A Powerless Man So Just Remain Calm. I Will Think Of What To Do With Arjun. Karan Says No, I Will Take My Revenge, Just Take Me Out Of Here. Khurrana Ends The Call And Asks His Manager To Work Karan’s Bail.

Diya Tells Arjun That Love And Kush Are Talking To Lawyers To Bring Baba Out Of The Jail. I Think You Should Help Them, Please Forgive Baba As He Was Helpless Too Somehow. This Family Is Incomplete Without Baba So Bring Him Back.

Love Tells His Lawyer To Use All His Power To Bring Amitabh Out Of The Jail, Use Money And Power To Bring Him Out. He Says Karan Blackmailed Him So Prove That. The Lawyer Says I Have To Talk To Amitabh As He Might Say Something Else In The Court. Love Says Don’t Worry About That, I Have Talked To Him Already So Just Do Your Work. The Lawyer Says I Will Work On His Bail. He Leaves. Arjun Comes There. Love Says Arjun Doesn’t Care About Baba, He Just Wanted His Revenge, I Don’t Need Him, I Will Do Anything To Bring Him Out. Kush Says We Don’t Need To Fight, Baba Was Involved In All This But We Can Come Out Of It And Then He Can Focus On The Business. Love Says All Investors Have Backed Out So What Will We Do Now? He Asks Arjun If He Can Do Anything With His Non-Existent Badminton Career? You Both Are Useless But I Will Fight Till The End To Save This Business And Baba.

Love Gets Khurrana’s Call And He Asks If He Is Worried About His Father? Love Says I Am Very Worried, I Just Want To Request To Not Take Back Your Funding. Khurrana Says Amitabh Is A Good Friend Of Mine, You Can Talk To Me And Then I Will Tell You How To Handle Your Business. Don’t Tell Anyone About This Conversation. Love Ends The Call And Looks On. Deepika Comes There And Asks Him To Eat Something. Love Says You Don’t Care About Me Or Baba So Just Leave Me Alone.

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