Rishton Ka Manjha 3rd January 2022 Written Update

Madhuri Says If You Do Your Funeral You Will See My Dead Face. Amitabh Says What Are You Saying? She Goes Inside. Amitabh Asks Depika To Stop Her. Dadi Tries To Calm Arjun Down. He Says I Won’t Stop Today. Dadi Says I Can’t See You Like This. Diya And Madhuri Made A Mistake But You’re Also Doing Wrong. If You Want To Do It Then We Will Both Do It Together. Let’s Sit. Arjun Says Dadi Get Up Please. Arjun Says To Pihu Are You Happy Now? If You Have Any Self Respect Leave This House. If She Stays Here I Won’t. Leave This House. Arjun Leaves. Amitabh Says Diya You Lost This Match For Arjun. I Am Very Grateful. You Are Like My Daughter. His Anger Will Calm Down. You Should Stay At Your Parents Till Then. Arjun Will Also Get Sometime Till Then.

Pihu Says I Won’t Go Anywhere. I Will Live In This Palace. Diya’s Parents Come In. Mira Says Have You Forgotten Your Parents? Why Are You Looking At Us Like This? Pihu Says Oh Yeah Tina Showed Me The Photo. Such A Big Family. Pihu Says Maa.. Baa.. Mohan Says Arjun Told Us Everything. You Fought With Everyone For Your Dreams. Even I Didn’t Stand With You But Arjun Stood With You. He Married You For Your Dreams And You Shattered That Dream? He Fought With His Family. Mira Says You Said You Will Fight For Him And Badminton. My Daughter Wasn’t Like This.

Scene 2
The Goon Is Outside. He Says There’s No Noise. Is She Dead? Tina Comes. The Goon Says I Heard Her Falling. Is She Dead? Tina Says Why Didn’t You Go Inside? He Says You Asked Me Not To. Tina Opens The Lock. Diya Is On The Floor Fainted. The Goon Says She Has A Bruise On Her Head.

Mira Says We Are Ashamed Diya. You Lost Arjun With This Match. It’s Not Late. Apologize For Your Mistake And Say Sorry To Arjun. Stand With Him. You Should Try To Save Your Relationship. Pihu Says Ma.. Papa.. Listen Please. They Leave. Pihu Says Everything Is Going As Per The Plan. I’ve To Enjoy Here.

Tina Checks Diya And Says Thank God She’s Alive. She Says Diya Wake Up. She Throws Water On Her Face. Tina Says We’ve To Take Her To The Hospital. If She Dies We Will Be In Trouble. Take Out The Car. She Calls The Doctor And Says We Will Be Coming From The Back Door.

Scene 3
Niharika Says Mummy Ji Open The Door. Depika Says Mummy Ji Isn’t Saying Anything. Niharika Says What If She’s Done Suicide? Arjun Comes And Says Maa Please Open The Door. Madhuri Says Tell Him Do What He Wants. He Thinks We Have No Right On Him Then He Has No Right On Me Either. I Won’t Listen To Him Either. Arjun Says Okay I Won’t Do My Funeral. I Am A Toy. I Can’t Do Anything In This House. Depika Says Calm Down Please. Arjun Says You All Wanted Me To Operate With A Button. Do You Think I Am Happy Now? Stop Emotionally Blackmailing Me? Please Stop It. Madhuri Comes Out. Arjun Leaves. Madhuri Says Arjun Stop.. Depika Says Let Him Go. He’s Hurt. He Will Heal In Time.

Scene 4
Arjun Drives On The Road. He Recalls What Diya Said About His Honesty On Their Reception. Diya Said She Will Find Proofs Against His Case. He Recalls Diya Losing. Tina Is On Her Way With Diya To The Hospital. Tona Says If She Dies We Will Be In Trouble. The Car Stops At A Signal. Diya Hits Tina And Runs Out. Arjun Is On The Way. Tina Says Follow Her. Diya Runs On The Road. Tina Runs After Her. She Asks The Goons To Chase Her. Tina Says If We Lose Her We Will Be In Trouble. Diya Comes To A Bus Stand. The Goons Look For Her. Diya Pretended All This. Diya Says I’ve To Get Out Of Here.

The Goons Look For Diya. She Hides. The Goon Says Come Out, We Will Find You Anyway. Diya Runs From There. The Goons Spread In Different Directions. Diya Comes On Road. A Car Hits Him. It’s Arjun’s Car. He Sees Diya. Arjun Is Shocked. She Runs Away Without Seeing. Arjun Says Was It Diya? What Is She Doing Here? She Was At Him. Diya Didn’t See Him. The Goons Stop Diya. She Tries To Run But Tina Comes There Too. Arjun Looks Around. He Says Diya. Diya Says Arjun.. Tina Shuts Her Mouth. They Take Her To The Car. The Goons Faint Diya.

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