Rishton Ka Manjha 3rd February 2022 Written Update

Amitabh Talks To The Inspector Who Says We Will Look For Behro Singh And We Will Soon Find Madhuri. Amitabh Says He Must Have Taken Her From The Backdoor, You Should Check That. The Inspector Goes To Check. Love Asks Amitabh What’s The Guarantee That Behro Singh Kidnapped Her? Anyone Else Could Have Done It And Not Karan. Diya Says All Proves Are Pointing Towards Behro Singh Only. She Tells Amitabh To Call Karan, If He Is Doing All This To Stop The Conference Then Tell Him That Arjun Won’t Do It. Maybe Then He Would Leave Madhuri, We Have To Bow Down To Karan For Now.

Amitabh Calls Karan And Says I Know You Have All The Witnesses, Madhuri Is Missing And We All Think She Was Kidnapped By You. He Says Arjun Won’t Be Able To Do The Conference So Leave Madhuri Otherwise I Will Talk To Khurrana. Karan Says What If You Got Your Wife Kidnapped? You Forced Her To Lie Before Also. Amitabh Shouts At Him To Stop It, Just Leave Madhuri And I Promise Arjun Won’t Do Anything Against You. Karan Says Maybe Your Wife Left The House Herself, Don’t Blame Me Without Any Proof. He Ends The Call And Smirks. He Says Arjun’s Mother Will Help Me Now.

Deepika Tells Amitabh That I Have Called Dadi Back Just For Her Protection, She Shouldn’t Stay Out Of The House. She Says I Don’t Understand Why The Kidnapper Took Madhuri Only. Diya Thinks When Arjun Finds Out About Maa Then He Will Be Angry.

Kush Comes Back Home. Diya Comes To Him And Says Do You Know What Is Happening? Kush Says Yes, I Am Trying To Find Out About Maa Too. Diya Says Where Is Arjun? Kush Says He Doesn’t Know About Kidnapping, I Talked To Him But He Doesn’t Want To Cancel The Press Conference. Diya Says He Is Not Calling Me? Why? I Want To Talk To Him. Kush Says Just Let Him Be For Some Time, Maybe He Wants To Keep You Away From All This. Diya Says Why? Kush Says Because He Loves You, He Wants To Keep You Safe. Diya Says I Am Worried About Him Too, I Also Love Him.. She Stops Herself. Kush Says I Know That You Can’t Say Some Things. Just Pray For Arjun. Deepika Comes There And Says The Police Closed All Exits Of The City So The Kidnapper Can’t Take Her Anywhere. Kush Says Tomorrow Will Be A New Start, We Will Get Our Mother Back And This Country Will Get Their Badminton Star Back.

Scene 2
In The Morning, Arjun Is Waiting For The Media In The Press Conference. He Tells The Reporters To Sit Down And He Goes To Get Fresh.

Amitabh Tells Love That We Can’t Be Silent, Go To The Police And Put More Pressure On Them. Amitabh Asks Diya Where Is Arjun? He Didn’t Come Back? He Is Still Doing The Press Conference? He Doesn’t Care That His Mother Is Kidnapped? Diya Says He Is Not Taking Any Calls, He Told Kush That He Won’t Cancel The Press Conference. Amitabh Says If Karan Kidnapped Madhuri Then We Have To Stop This Press Conference. Diya Says Karan Always Attacks Us Like This, He Kidnapped Maa This Time, He Has Attacked Us All So Not This Time. She Tells Amitabh To Drag Karan To The Police Station, You Have To Do Something To Save Our Mother And If You Don’t Then You Will Be A Successful Businessman But You Will Lose Your Family. Amitabh Looks On.

Arjun Starts The Press Conference And Tells The Reporters That 5 Years Ago I Was Sitting Here With You All And You People Didn’t Let Me Talk At All. You People Blamed Me Even Without Proof. Karan Is Watching The Press Conference Also. He Says Why Is He Dragging This? The Reporter Asks Arjun What Proof He Has To Prove His Innocence? Arjun Says Karan Is Powerful And He Has Destroyed Many Careers Using His Power. He Says I Wish Karan Was Here But I Know He Is Watching This So I Hope He Enjoys This Show. The Reporter Asks What’s The Proof? Arjun Says I Don’t Have Any Proof Right Now. The Reporter Says Why Are You Wasting Our Time Now? Diya And Other Family Members Are Watching The Conference Too. The Reporter Tells Arjun That You Are Wasting Our Time, We Shouldn’t Have Given You A Chance, You Will Still Be Blamed For Taking Drugs. They Start Leaving The Press Conference But Arjun Plays Karan’s Voice Recording. In The Voice Recording, Karan Told Arjun That If You Had Listened To Me Then I Wouldn’t Have Framed You In A Fake Drug Case And Wouldn’t Have Kidnapped Your Mother. Karan Is Stunned To Hear That And Says He Came Here To Collect The Evidence. He Beats His Manager And Asks Him To Stop This Press Conference, He Says We Can’t Now. Arjun Shows The Video To The Reporters In Which He Confesses That He Framed Arjun And He Has Kidnapped His Mother, Then How He Asked Arjun To Go Away From The Badminton World. Otherwise, Karan Won’t Spare Him. Diya Watches All That And Says We Finally Won. Love Says Don’t Be Happy, Arjun Might Have Won But Maa Is Still In Karan’s Clutches, She Is In Danger. Karan Watches The Press Conference And Says I Won’t Let Arjun Win, His Mother Will Pay For This. In The Press Conference, Arjun Tells The Reporters That I Hope You Have Answers Now. He Says Karan Kidnapped All The Witnesses Of This Case But I Am Sure This Video Was Enough As Evidence. I Still Have One Witness With Me Who Karan Couldn’t Reach. A Witness Who Is With Me Right Now. All Look On.

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