Rishton Ka Manjha 22nd March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Niharika noticing Diya and wonders where is Arjun. She suspects that Arjun might learned her truth. She starts her acting in front of Diya that she is living a peaceful life and rectifying her sins and asks her about Arjun. Diya says she has no idea. Someone comes to Bablu’s rescue and slaps a kidnapper. Karan gets the news that someone freed Bablu and he scolds Ajit for his careless attitude. Ajit says he warned Karan about Diya but he didn’t listen.

Kavita says Diya told someone to follow her maybe thus they saved Bablu. Karan tells Ajit to leave the city and he tells Kavita that they will put the blame on Ajit as he is a criminal. They should now focus on the match. Kush talks to Diya and Niharika says Arjun might have left Diya and will leave all the attachment behind. Kush asks Niharika to stop her drama. Religious words don’t suit her and it seems she is planning all these since long. Niharika says he should not doubt her intentions as she is following the path of peace. Kush asks her not to sleep on floor but she says he should worry for her. He gets pissed off.

Diya meets Bablu and hugs him. She gets surprised to know Arjun saved him with the help of policemen. Kush asks means Arjun learned everything beforehand. Arjun reveals he knew she can’t betray him. In flashback he followed her while she was going to meet Bablu. He confronted her why she hid about Bablu’s kidnapping. She said she was scared for Bablu’s safety so he should not take any desperate step.

Arjun said let Karan believe they got separated then only he will make a mistake and they will expose him. Flashback ends. Arjun says sorry to Diya and the latter thanks him. Kush says she should not forgive Arjun easily. Arjun says he will send Diya’s family to Jamshedpur and will talk to the police for their safety so that Karan can’t kidnap them again. Diya agrees to play the match with Arjun.

Arjun changes his partner’s name into Diya. He says this is final, later he sees Karan with Kavita. He taunts Karan saying the latter must be missing old days when he used to destroy careers of good players. Karan says he will destroy Arjun’s pride. Arjun replies Karan always focused on making him lose but he focuses on winning only. He says he will win the tournament for sure as Diya is his partner. He leaves holding Diya’s hand. Karan says he made a solid plan against Arjun on the occasion of Holi.

Madhuri looks upset and decides not to celebrate Holi this year in grand manner. Diya and Arjun ask her why so. Madhuri misses Luv and worries for him thinking where he is now.

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