Rishton Ka Manjha 1st February 2022 Written Update

Arjun Comes To Raghu Kaka. He Says Let’s Go To Doctor. Kaka Says I Am Fine, They Took The Witnesses. How Will The Conference Happen Now? Arjun Says It Will Happen. Karan Can’t Stop Me This Time.
Karan Laughs And Says You Lost All Your Witnesses Arjun. There’s No One Else. There Is One Person But I Know How To Shut That Person.

Scene 3
Kush Comes To Niharika. She Says I Am Leaving, I’ve Done Enough. You Can’t Tolerate Me, I Can’t See This Hate In Your Eyes For Me. I Should Go. I Have Told Mom, I Am Coming There. I Won’t Come Back Until You Want Me To, Even If I’ve To Stay There Forever. You Can Send Me Divorce Too. Just Forgive Me. She Leaves. Kush Stops Her. Kush Says What Was My Fault? That I Loved You? I Overlooked All Your Mistakes. I Gave You Chances, That You Realize Your Mistakes. Now When You Realize Them, You Wanna Leave Me? How Is That Fair? You Can’t Go Away From Me? I Love You. I Got My Old Niharika Back. We Will Start Afresh. Niharika Hugs Him And Says I Love You. Would You Make Me Do All That Work Now? He Says You Will Lose Weight. Niharika Hugs Him And Laughs.

Niharika Fixes The Flowers. She Asks Depika Does It Look Good? Depika Says It Feels So Good To See You This Way. Depika Says Have You Seen Maa? Niharika Says No. Diya Says Karan’s Goons Kidnapped All Of Our Witnesses. Arjun Left In Anger. His Phone Is Off Too. Depika Says Maa Is Nowhere Either. Diya Calls Arjun. She Says What Are You Doing? Where Are You? Arjun Says They Took All The Witnesses But We Won’t Lose This Time. Diya Says Come Home, We Will Think Something. Bring Raghu Kaka Too. He Says I Will Don’t Worry. Depika Says Diya Maa Is Nowhere. Diya Says Did She Got To Temple? Depika Says She Never Goes Like This? Diya Calls Madhuri But Her Phone Is Off. Diya Says I Am Very Worried For Maa. She Was Very Upset. She Said Take Care Of Arjun After I Leave. Depika Says Don’t Call Arjun. He Must Be Worried Already. Diya Says What Did Maa Mean? Where Can She Go?

Scene 3
Karan Says On Call How Can Arjun Do Conference Without Witnesses. It’s Over For Him. Arjun Is Sitting In His Room. Karan Says What Are You Doing Here? Gonna Steal Another Document? I Will Do A Tresspassing Case This Time. Arjun Says You Are Right. I Shouldn’t Have Gone Against You. Neither 5 Years Ago, Nor Now. I Am Sorry. I Hope You Forgive Me. Karan Says Wow. I Can’t Believe My Ears. You Should Apologize. Now You Know Who Karan Mathur Is. Arjun Says I Was Very Angry When I Realized You Took My Men But Then I Realized How Powerful You Are. I Shouldn’t Have Gotten Against You. I’ve No Power. Karan Says Exactly. 5 Years Ago You Shouldn’t Have Gone Against Me. I Won’t Have To Do That Fake Drugs Case Against You. And Get You Banned. Anyway, You Realized. Don’t Cancel The Press Conference. Apologize To Me In Front Of Public For My Defamation. Go Away From The World Of Badminton With Diya. Arjun Says I Will Do That. Please Let Us Be. We Will Go Far Away. Karan Says Leave Now.

Scene 4
Amitabh Calls Different People And Ask About Madhuri. She’s Nowhere. Love Says She’s No In Temple Either. Diya Says There’s A New Guard In Our House. He Gave Maa Flowers. He Was Taking Photos. He Looked Very Suspicious. Amitabh Says What’s His Name? She Says Behro Singh. He Asks Bannu To Bring Him In. Niharika Says We Should Inform Police. Depika Says Maa Was Really Worried About The Press Conference. Amitabh Says In Heart Did She Leave Because Of The Press Conference.

Diya Asks The Other Guard Where Did Behro Singh Go? He Says He Was Going Inside The House. Then We Didn’t See Him. He’s Been Missing All Day. Love Calls The Company And Says How Can You Send Him Without Checking His Background? Love Says They Didn’t Check His Background, He Just Joined. Diya Says He Must Have Done It. Depika Says Why Would He Do It? Diya Says Has Karan Done It? Love Says Why Would He? Diya Says He Can Stoop To Any Level. He Knows Maa Is Arjun’s Weakness. Niharika Says But He Already Kidnapped All The Witnesses? Ambitabh Says In Heart Because She’s Also The Witness. Has Karan Done It? Diya Says We Should Inform The Police. That Guard Could Be Karan’s Man. Parvatisays The Backdoor Is Broken. Diya Says What? He Must Have Taken Maa From There. Arjun’s Phone Is Off Too. How Do I Tell Him? Amitabh Says Where Did Arjun Go?

Scene 5
Arjun Recalls What Karan Said. To Apologize In Front Of Whole World. He Walks On A Road. Arjun Gets A Taxi. Arjun Comes To A Place. He Comes Outside A House.

Behro Singh Calls Karan. He Says Is It Done? HE Says Yes. Karan Says Keep Madhuri There Till The Press Conference. No One Should Know Where She Is.

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