Rishton Ka Manjha 15th February 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Amitabh calling Luv a fraud and cheater. Luv says that now the king has changed and everything belongs to him, and Niharika is his business partner from now onwards. Madhuri scolds Niharika, saying how can she break their trust like that. Diya says Kush was right. They shouldn’t have trusted Niharika again.

Niharika says everyone in the family used to underestimate her, and thought she is a fool. They never gave her respect or love. But now she is the owner of the company. Kush is a useless husband who can’t even gift her a saree. Kush comes and shouts at Niharika. He holds her hand tightly and questions her. She pushes him and tells don’t you dare come close to me. She says she is not scared of him anymore. He can’t punish her. Arjun shouts at Niharika, saying her character is evil. Luv interferes and tells Arjun to respect Niharika, and she is the owner. Madhuri says they gave many chances to her despite her numerous wrong actions.

Niharika betrayed them in return of their love. Niharika tells her to stop her emotional drama. Arjun shuts Niharika up. He says it’s his house too. No one can snatch his rights. Luv asks his parents, Arjun and Diya to leave the house. Kush says he can’t do this to his parents. Niharika tells Kush that if he goes against her then he can also leave the house and she will divorce him. Amitabh feels disheartened that he failed to recognise Luv’s true colours. Madhuri says Luv had a respect which he lost. Dipika says Luv will regret a lot later.

Luv replies he also believed Amitabh will handover the business to him, but he didn’t. Kush and Arjun never showed interest in business, then why will they get the share of the business? He did right by taking over the business as already no clients were ready to work with Amitabh for his police case.

Arjun holds Luv by his collar and says Luv could have shared his problem once, then they would have given everything, but he destroyed his relations. Luv tells him to get out. Arjun tells Diya that he can’t trust on his relations anymore, as he got betrayed by his loved ones most of the time. Kush tries to convince Luv saying he knows Niharika manipulated him and put the poisonous thoughts inside his head. But Luv should not treat his family like this by coming under Niharika’s influence. She is such a cunning woman.

Luv shuts him up and gives them one hour to pack their luggage. Luv leaves with Niharika. Amitabh falls sick and everyone makes him sit. Madhuri says they should leave the house before Luv insults them more. Diya says they don’t know yet whether all properties belong to Luv and Niharika or not. Some lawyers come inside.

Luv informs Khurana that he told his family to leave. Khurana gets happy and says he will make Luv achieve everything. Niharika chooses a necklace and tells Luv to buy it for her, as she helped him a lot. She also says they will throw a party and will invite rich people. They will keep them in their side for profit. Niharika asks Luv, whether he wants to allow Dipika to stay here as he likes someone else. Kush says he will file a case against Niharika and Luv. Amitabh says he doesn’t want to take step. Kush says he can’t stay here without his family. Arjun decides to find a way out.

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