Rishton Ka Manjha 10th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Diya comes to Amitabh’s office and finds Love there. He asks what is she doing here? Diya thinks Arjun asked me not to tell anyone about the file. She says I was looking for some papers that Arjun needed, from there she leaves. Love remembers how Kurrana called him and asked him to find the documents that contained evidence against them before Arjun could find it.

Diya calls Arjun and says Love was in the office so I couldn’t find the file. Arjun returns and searches the office for the file.

Love calls Khurrana and says I couldn’t find the evidence file, I will need more time. Kurrana says if you don’t find it tomorrow, you’re gone. Love ends the call and says I’ll check again.

Arjun tells Diya that Amitabh must have lied, there is no evidence in his office. He angrily throws a file away and finds a USB stick in it. He says this might be the proof. From there they leave. Love comes there and watches.

Arjun inserts the USB into his laptop and starts a video. The video shows Karan threatening Amitabh that if he wants to save his company, he must go against Arjun. Arjun calls his lawyer and tells him about the evidence. The lawyer says we just need this, I have court time so we’ll submit this.

Scene 2
Deepika has prepared herself for the pooja. Dadi asks Madhuri why she looks sad? She says Amitabh is in jail so I don’t feel well. Dadi says we do pooja every year, so let’s do it. Arjun also said he could give us some good news. Diya says I’ll call him and ask where he is. She calls him, but he doesn’t answer. Diya thinks he’ll never take my call. Arjun arrives there. Madhuri asks where have you been? Arjun brings Amitabh there. Madhuri is surprised and says you got bail? Diya asks Arjun why he didn’t answer her call? Arjun says I wanted to surprise the family. All family members are happy to see Amitabh again. Amitabh tells Arjun to forgive him if he can. Diya says thank goodness everything is back to normal.

Love calls Khurrana and says I couldn’t find the evidence. Kurrana says you’re useless, I won’t help you now. He ends the call. Love is angry with himself because he is greedy and has also lost his family. Niharika comes there and sees him tense. She says you should come with me.

Diya comes to her room and finds Arjun alone in a towel. She looks away and says why aren’t you wearing clothes? Arjun says: don’t be shy and help me. What does Diya say? Arjun says look at me, she says no. He asks what’s going on? I can’t find my belt, can you please look in the closet. Diya says I’m going to find it. You should wear something traditional in the pooja, you look handsome. She blushes and holds herself in. Arjun says you should praise me more. Diya gives him a kurta and tells him to wear it first. They both smile at each other.

Love asks Niharika how she got to know the power of attorney papers? Are you blackmailing me? I made a mistake, but you made a lot of mistakes. Niharika says I paid for my mistakes, if they find out your mistake, daddy kicks you out of the company. If you want me to shut up, I want 50% of the company. Love asks if she’s gone mad? Niharika says you can lose this case completely or give me 50%. The choice is yours. Love is watching.

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