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You listen, I know your killer. I will avenge you Hearing this, it wasn’t like anyone shared a story about their personal life. But this is the script for Zee TV the next prime time show ‘Qurban Hua’
In it, Neel talks about avenging the death of his sister whom he affectionately calls Bhatt. On the other hand, Chahat about to prove her Abbu’s innocence as she is convinced that her Abbu has no part in the death of Neel’s sister. In such a situation, how will the two get married in honor of their families, it will be shown that the series ‘Qrbaan Hua’ is broadcast on Zee TV every Monday to Friday at 10:30 p.m. from February 25. This series revolves around two people for whom family is everything. Neil plays Karan Jotwani and Chahat Baig as a beginner Pratibha Ranta. The boy is Hindu and the girl is Muslim. Producer Sonali Jaffer of this series tells that it was shot in Devprayag, Devprayag Sangam is where Alaknanda meets in tranquil form and Bhagirathi in Raudra form just like the two characters in our series. In this too a character is of a calm nature and one with his temperament, he could not have been shot in a better place. When Sonali is asked what is the message for young people in all of this, Sonali says the message for young people is that there is nothing above family. In this, the hero and heroine marry to honor their family. Both are sacrificed for the love of their loved ones.

Qurbaan Hua TV Series Quick Facts:

TV show Qurbaan Hua
Kind Drama
Editing 1
Language Hindi
The country India
Start date February 25, 2020
Day Monday to Friday
Time 10:30 p.m.
Repeat broadcast time 10:30 a.m. (may vary)
Operating time 20-22 minutes
Channel Zee TV
In line Zee5 app
Home made Media to full houses
DoP Rishikesh Gandhi, Manowar Sheikh
music director Viraj Savant
Director Tabrej Khan
Producer Sonali Jaffer Amir Jaffer
Editor Dharmesh Patel
Scenario Gaurav Sharma
Project Manager Sayyad Mohammad
story Shilpa Jathar, Samir Garud
Dialogue Dr. Jahir Cheikh
Main star actor Rajver Singh Karan Jotwani Pratibha Ranta

Star Cast and Their Role in TV Series Qurbaan Hua:

1. Rajver Singh

Like: Neelkanth Bhatt/Neel

2. Karan Jotwani

As: Neelkanth Bhatt/Neel (replaced by Rajveer Singh)

3. Pratibha Ranta

As: Chahat Baig Dhyani

4. Aayam Mehta

Role: Madhvanand Bhatt/Vyaasji (Neil’s father)

5. Parakh Madan

Role: Gazala Baig (Chahat’s mother-in-law)

6. Nitin Bhasin

Role: Jamunaprasad Bhatt (Neel’s uncle)

7. Neelam Pathania

Role: Godambari Bhatt (Neel’s aunt)

8. Sonali Nikam

Role: Saraswati Nautiyal (Neil’s sister)

9. Nishad Vaidya

As: Alekh Nautiyal (Saraswati’s widowed husband)

10. Alisha Parveen Khan

Role: Naveli Bhatt (cousin of Neel)

11. Tanya Sharma

Like: Cashmere

12. Kanchi Singh

As: Anam Khan

13. Sanjay Gurbaxani

Role: Rahil Baig

14. Alisha Parveen

As: Naveli Bhatt Dhyani

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