Pandya Store Upcoming Story: Will Dhara able to bring the Pandya brother’s out of the prison?

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Star Plus popular show Pandya Store is entertaining its viewers since the first day it’s aired on small screen. The show is focusing on a joint family where four brothers live together. It shows how the brothers deal with their day to day problem and the problem in the family together. The story is now gearing up for more drama with Pandya brothers gets arrested under fraudulent case so the women in the family gathers other women to create chaos outside the police station to bring Pandya brother’s out from the prison meanwhile Dhara decides to take lawyer’s help.

Now it will be interesting to see what will the inspector do after Dhara gives him the bail papers of Pandya brother’s? Will Dhara and the women in the family save the Pandya brother’s?

In the current track it shown that Raavi tells Shiva that she forgive him also wants to be friends with him and forwards her hand. They both falls to the ground when Shiva takes Raavi’s hand. His family members jokes at him. Later Raavi and Rishita helps Krish in his momo shop after they left Kirti comes there and praises the momos but refuses to stop talking to him saying she will do what she feels right.

Suman questions Dhara and Gautam why Gautam needs to do tests for Dhara’s IVF treatment which makes both of them uncomfortable but Dhara leaves the place making an excuse but Suman catches Gautam and asks to give him explanation. Dev gets angry at Rishita when Shiva tells him that his friend refuses to give him money and accuses Janardhan for this. The whole family gets shocked seeing the posters mentioning them as a fraud so Dev decides to confront Janardhan both Gautam and Shiva also decides to accompany him but police comes there and takes the brothers with them.

Rishita calls the family members as emotional fool which angers Dhara who tells what Rishita’s family did to them. She then decides to talk to the lawyer to release the Pandya brother’s. The brothers get shocked seeing Krish also get arrested so an angry Shiva ruins the police station by throwing all the things. Inspector slaps Shiva and asks the constable to lock them up inside. Raavi gives an idea to which Suman agrees so with the help of few women they all goes to the station and asks to release the Pandya brother’s. Dhara comes there with a lawyer and gets happy seeing the support they are getting.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Suman will ask Dhara to go inside the station to bring her son’s out of the prison with the help of bail papers while she will handle everything outside. Dhara will give the bail papers to the inspector and demand him to release the Pandya brother’s. The inspector will say to Dhara it’s a fraudulent case so he can’t release the Pandya brother’s shocking Dhara.

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