Pandya Store 9th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Shiva meeting his one friend on his way and talking with him. Shiva notices Raavi in the clothes store and wonders what she’s doing here. He sees that she’s with a boy and wonders who he is. Shiva wants to go and question Raavi about the same, but his friend insists to drop him ahead. Shive drives off with him. Raavi imagines Shiva in that boy’s place and admires him. Her imagine breaks. She thanks the boy and goes to pay bill. The boy looks at Raavi smiling. He phones Prafulla.

The latter is with Suman. She says that the groom is calling and answers it. The boy says that he met Raavi and liked her, but she’s buying wedding clothes and asks if there’s a wedding in her house. Prafulla says that Raavi might be got for her friend’s wedding. She adds that Raavi is single. Prafulla asks him to come home evening with his parents. As he is leaving in two days, they should fix the engagement and wedding before that. The boy wants to talk to Raavi before that, but Prafulla says that Raavi doesn’t prefer to talk as she’s old fashioned. She asks him to contact after talking to his parents.

Prafulla wonders for whom Raavi is buying wedding clothes and wonders whether she got to know about their plan. Suman gets nervous. She says that she wants Raavi out of the house before she marries Shiva. She says that there’s only on way is left now. At Pandya hohouse Raavi is showing Dhara the clothes that she bought.Raavi is excited for her wedding. Dhara says to ignore Shiva till her wedding else she may spill the truth in front of him in excitement. Just then Rishita comes there and says that she left for Ahmedabad for one day and lot have happened in that day one day. Shiva agreed for the marriage and they started the preparation. She complaints that they didn’t tell her about this. Dhara says that Shiva hasn’t agreed for the marriage , so they have planned to kidnap him shocking Rishita.

Meanwhile Suman says that she will kidnap Raavi and send her to Prafulla. She says to Prafulla to manage to get her married. Suman leaves. Prafulla wonders how to convince Raavi. Rishita gets excited on hearing the plan. Dhara says to keep this plan away from Shiva and Suman. Other hand Shiva refuses to marry Raavi again. Dev says that he didn’t mention Raavi’s name, why he remembers Raavi when it mentioned about the marriage. Dev further says that Raavi is adamant, she gave proofs for her innocence. Shiva reacts angrily and says that he doesn’t accept her proofs.

Dhara says to Rishita that they didn’t get clothes for her and asks to buy what she likes. Rishita asks to tell the plan. Dhara says that they don’t have any solid plan. They have made all arrangements and the marriage will take place in a temple. Later Raavi put her and Shiva’s clothes on the top of the wardrobe. Just then Shiva comes there. Shiva feels suspicious on seeing Raavi constantly smiling. Raavi leaves. Shiva notices the bags and checks them. He sees the wedding outfits. Just then Suman calls out Shiva.

Shiva comes to Suman. The latter asks him to close the door and the window. Shiva obliges. Suman says to Shiva to kidnap Raavi to get her married which shocks Shiva. Suman further says that Prafulla saw a groom for Raavi and the groom liked Raavi, but Raavi doesn’t know about this. Suman says that they will kidnap her and get her married in a week. Shiva says that he understands now why Raavi was doing wedding shopping happily.

Suman says that Raavi
doesn’t know this. Shiva says to not trust Prafulla, Raavi and Prafulla are fooling her. He saw Raavi buying sherwani and he just saw that clothes in his room. Suman says that it’s fine if she’s getting married by her wish and asks to kidnap Raavi and take her to Prafulla. Shiva refuses. Suman says to Shiva to pretend to run away with Raavi and take her to the wedding venue and hand her to Prafulla. As Shiva still refuses, Suman does emotional blackmail. Shiva leaves from there. Suman wonders whether Shiva isn’t right about Raavi and Prafulla fooling her.

Shiva sees Raavi talking to her friend in a video call. Raavi says that she’s divorced and not getting married now. Shiva leaves. Later Raavi, Dev and Rishita are with Dhara and Gautam in their room to discuss about Shiva’s kidnapping plan. Shiva looks for Dhara and Gautam in the house and wonders where they all have gone. Shiva comes to Gautam and Dhara’s room and knocks at the door. Dhara and all look on shocked.

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