Pandya Store 9th February 2022 Written Update

Mahant says it will be done as Somnath wants. He blesses them and goes for aarti. The customers start to give their product orders to the Pandya store. Everyone laughs happily. They all hug. They rush to fulfill the orders. Suman smiles. Shiva comes away from Raavi. She says you look so cute. Krish asks what happened. She jokes. Shiva asks him to mind his own work. She asks if the dress up costume is over. They all take off their hats. The customer says sorry, we came in someone’s words, from now on we come here. Gautam says it’s all right, keep coming.

Krish gets the message from Kirti and goes. Gautam says our inventory problem didn’t end. Dhara says don’t worry, the stock is coming again, we have our customers back. Suman says your idea worked, you made me proud. Dhara says you trained me well. Rishita and Raavi thank Dhara and hug each other. Everyone hugs.

Kirti meets Krish. He asks her what she wants to say. She says I love you. He says thanks, but it wasn’t necessary. She asks who is responding to that. Dev says we want a large order to cover our losses. Gautam says yes, we didn’t get the order from Mahant this year, we should get this order then customers will believe us and our loss is covered. Dhara says I will talk to him and come. She asks Rishita and Raavi what they think. They say perfect. asks Dhara of others. They say you are never wrong.

Dhara says Rishita is going to talk to Mahant this time, if she can get a car through her marketing skills, can we not get an order, Raavi will support you, no one can refuse to hear her sweet talk. Raavi says yes, my sweet talk can also melt a stone. Shiva makes a face. Dhara says it’s decided, they’ll talk to Mahant, I’ll wash my hands and come. Kirti says you mean you don’t love me, this is so embarrassing, I’m leaving. Krish pulls her to him and hugs her. He says I love you Kirti. Dhara comes and looks on in shock.

Kirti kisses his cheek. He holds his cheek. Dhara turns around. She thinks that when Krish grew up, he will be with Kirti. She goes. Shiva says that Raavi will spoil the work. He falls down. Gautam scolds him. He says I trust Raavi and Rishita. Shiva says they don’t know anything about the store. Gautam says we should tell them that Dhara did well to send them. Dhara comes worried. They ask what happened, are you okay? Gautam fetches water for her.

Krish says I don’t want you to go, but you have to go now or else it will be a big problem, we’ll meet in the evening, then we’ll have an ice cream. She says I’m tense, our love story will end soon, don’t tell anyone, please. He says don’t worry, I love you very much, let me enjoy this moment, you enjoy too, no one will know. She hugs him and goes. Gautam asks Dhara to say it. Dhara says that Krish has grown up. Shiva asks what do you mean. Krish comes to sing. She asks him to go home with her. Chris is concerned. Gautam asks if you understood. Shiva says that Krish may have a beard.

Rishita and Raavi meet Mahant. He says I was waiting for Dhara. Rishita says she sent us, I am Dev’s wife Rishita and Raavi is Shiva’s wife. He says you ran away and married Dev. Rishita says yes. He says you raised your hand to your husband, right. Raavi becomes silent. He says I think you’re both childish. They’re going to complain. He says that in a married life you have to leave childishness behind, you have to be strong. Raavi says we are strong. Rishita praises Pandya shop. Raavi says we want another chance to serve the temple. They try to convince him to give the order to Pandya shop. Dhara asks Krish if he loves Kirti. He says no, I’m a kid, we’re just friends. She says I saw you hug her and said I love you. He hugs her and says I love you, you see, I told you too, it’s not like you understand. He goes. She yells and says that he has fooled me.

Rishita and Raavi come home. Everyone is worried about seeing them upset. Shiva says that Dhara didn’t have to take any chances by sending them. Gautam asks Raavi what happened.

front hood:
Dhara sees the soiled wheat. She says we need to clean this up. Rishita asks what will happen next. Prafulla makes a plan and calls Kamini.

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