Pandya Store 7th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Rishita asking her family to always support her and look after her baby. Dhara says that the baby is their responsibility. Dhara hugs Rishita. Gautam says that she is going to get annoyed with their pampering. Rishita jokes. Dev says that they will listen to all her tantrums. Krish and Shiva lift Rishita up and celebrate. Dev says that he has a surprise for Rishita. He gets the laptop and plays the recording of baby’s heart.

He says that this is their baby’s heart beat. Rishita and all get emotional. Yadon ki Baaraat plays in the BG. Dhara hugs Rishita says that she knows that Rishita can never take any wrong decision as she is the most sensible in this house.

Suman says that she never listened to the heart beats of her children. She is hearing a child’s heart beat for the first time and thanks Rishita for that. Rishita jokes. Suman says that no one should cast their evil eyes on their happiness,so they should not tell anyone about Rishita’s pregnancy until her three months gets completed. Suman and Shiva warn Krish to not spill the beans. They all share a group hug.

Suman and the family gather around the holy basil plant. Suman prays that Rishita shouldn’t get affected with anyone’s evil eyes. Dhara applies kala tikka on Rishita. Raavi also wants to do the same, but Suman stops her saying that she doesn’t belong to this family. Raavi says that she will become soon her family.

Shiva asks Raavi to not dream of things that will never get fulfilled. He says that she can only cast her evil eyes on someone. Raavi says that she will only cast her evil eyes on Shiva. Rishita says that she doesn’t believe on this, still she is accepting it for them. She says to let Raavi do it. Suman refuses. Rishita hugs Raavi saying sorry. Gautam asks to feed sweet to the future mother. Krish jokes.

Suman feets sweet to Rishita and Dev. Raavi feeds sweet to Shiva and says that he should eat sweets like this after marriage and asks him to get used to it. Krish says that they have forgot to name the baby. Shiva and Krish suggest a name. Rishita says that she will choose baby’s name. Dev says that he will choose after all he is child’s dad.

Later Suman watches Dhara and Rishita doing puja. Dhara bursts out in tears. Rishita asks if she’s fine. Dhara says that these are tears of happiness. Suman says that Rishita scared them by going to the hospital, but soon she will realize that this child is the biggest happiness and the biggest responsibility too. Rishita says that she started to realize it on hearing baby’s heart beat in the hospital. She says that she came home running from the OT. Dhara says that Rishita has given a new relation to everyone in this family. She hugs Rishita thanking her.

Dev comes to his room and finds Rishita happy. He back hugs her. He says that she hurt her lot. Rishita asks if he would have apologized to her if she hadn’t changed her decision. Dev says that it’s not like that, he came to the hospital again. He called out when he saw her running. He says that she’s more important for him. Rishita smiles. He kisses her forehead. Dev places his hear over Rishita’s tummy and talks to the baby. Dev dances with Rishita and they share a joyful moment. Johi hona plays in the BG.

Dev apologizes to Rishita for whatever happened so far and promises that her happiness will matter him the most. Rishita says him to promise things that he can fulfill. She asks him to promise to support her in all her decision. Dev promises the same, but he adds that her decision shouldn’t hurt his family. Rishita asks if it’s necessary to always bring his family between them. Now they’re going to have their own family and some talks can remain between them. Dev agrees to blindly follow her in their personal matters.

Dhara is looking for something in her wardrobe. Gautam asks her what she’s looking for. Dhara finds a silk bedsheet. She says that she wished to sleep over soft bedsheet during her pregnancy and wants to give it to Rishita. Gautam stops her and says to not force her choice on Rishita. He asks what if she lashes out at her. Dhara says that she doesn’t worry about Rishita’s reaction and says that she will do to everyone in the family what she feels right for them.

Rishita and Dev are hugging.They break their hug when Dhara comes there. Dhara gives the silk bedsheet to Rishita and says that she bought it during her pregnancy and she may like it. Dev says that it’s nice. Rishita thinks that she started to force her choices on her, but no matter what she won’t let Dhara decide for her baby.

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