Pandya Store 7th February 2022 Written Update

Shiva Stays Whole Night At The Pandya Store. Janardhan’s Servants Mixed A Solution In The Grocery Of Pandya Residence. At The Morning, Dhara Meet Prafula In The Temple. Prafula Said She Is Happy Because Shiva And Raavi Are Separated Now. Dhara Asked Who She Knew About The Divorce Of Shiva And Raavi? Prafula Said She Got The News And Leaves From There. Dhara Get To Know That Prafula Did Everything. Kirti Called Krish From Out Of The Pandya Residence And Started Crying. Kirti Said She Want To Meet Him. Prafula Entered In The Pandya Residence Through Window.

Raavi Said She Knew That Prafula Took Her Signature On The Divorce Papers. Prafula Said Everything For Raavi’s Happiness. Prafula Said Pandya Family Never Respected Raavi And Shiva Is Not Eligible For Raavi. Raavi Said She Can’t Listen A Single Word Against Her Husband. Prafula Said It Is The Best Chance For Raavi To Come Out Of Shiva’s Life. Raavi Asked Prafula To Leave From There. Suman Arrived There And Shouted At Prafula. Prafula Said She Will Take Raavi From Pandya Residence Soon. Raavi Said She Is An Adult And Can Do Whatever She Want. Suman Asked Prafula To Take Raavi From Pandya Residence, But She Alone Leaves From There.

Raavi Said She Will Get Her Love At Any Cost. A Customer Apologized In Front Of Gautam For His Mistakes. Gautam Checked All The Grains And Pulses, He Get To Know That Grocery Is Smelling Badly. Krish Meets Kirti, She Hug Him. Dhara Saw Kirti And Krish Together, And Get Shocked. Gautam Informed His Brothers That Stock Is Smelling Badly. Dev Asked Does Anyone Arrived At Pandya Store At Night? Kirti And Krish Saw Dhara. Kirti Pretend As She Came To Take Notes From Krish, Dhara Said He Never Make Notes. Dhara Asked Does Anything Is Going In Between Krish And Kirti? Kirti Said They Are Just Friends And They Both Went To College.

Rishita Was Going Office, Raavi Come To Her And Said She Need Tips To Attract Her Husband. Rishita Said Raavi Took Divorce From Shiva And That’s Why She Can’t Help Her. Raavi Said Prafula Betrayed Her And Took Her Signature. Shiva Said Raavi Came To Meet Him And May Be Possible That Someone Came Inside The Pandya Store. Dev Said Janardhan Is Responsible For Everything. Gautam Asked His Brothers To Find Out The Solution For This Situation. Rishita Gets Angry And Went To Office. Raavi Went To Dhara And Asked Her For Help. Dhara Said You Can’t Force Anyone To Love You.

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