Pandya Store 7th February 2022 Written Update

Rishita is concerned about the new car. She claps for Dev. She berates him. Suman also berates Dev. Gautam says it’s a good thing we weren’t hurt. Rishita says the car was injured. Dev says it’s going to be okay. He asks Gautam to take everyone home, he will have the car repaired. Dhara says Dev will get the car, come with me. Rishita says I saw it. She berates Dev for intentionally hitting the car. Gautam and Dhara take Suman in the wheelchair. She says we have to show the kundalis to a pandit how can this happen. Gautam and Dhara calm her down.

Shiva argues with Raavi. She says no camera is hidden, real emotions are hidden that you can’t see. He throws the bed. She says I won’t go back or lose, because now I hate tears, look once in my eyes. He says I won’t even see your face. He goes. Dev has the car repaired. He says I turned to you when you coughed. She says excuse me. The mechanic asks for insurance papers. Rishita says Sagar will come now, what will he think now. Dev says sorry, calm down now, I admit it’s my fault. Shiva opens the door. He sees Suman. Raavi goes and turns off the shower tap. Suman asks what is this, there is no rain outside, why is it soaked. Gautam and Dhara see Raavi. Shiva says oil fell down so I was washing the floor. He asks Suman to ask Raavi. Suman berates Raavi. Raavi goes to her room. Gautam shows the water shower faucet to Dhara. They laugh. Rishita says sorry Sagar, you had to come this way. Sagar says it’s all right, I’ve got the insurance papers, I hope you’re all right. She introduces Dev as her husband. Dev says I was driving, it’s not her fault. Sagar says it’s happening, don’t worry. He hands over the papers and calls. He says you said the company gave you the car, why is Sagar’s name written here. He asks Sagar about the car. Rishita says it doesn’t matter, it’s his business. Sagar says forget it, you guys should go home, Nilesh will take care of the car problem.

Rishita and Dev leave. Dev says there is a difference between a company car and a passenger car. Rishita argues. She gets Raavi’s car. She says we’re going home. Suman remembers Raavi’s words. She says I won’t let Shiva become yours, you won’t be my bahu, I don’t want these two-sided things.

She says I will take you out of my house and Shiva’s life by taking Prafulla’s house, my son stays out because of you. Rishita comes to Shiva to scare him. She remembers that Raavi was preparing her to rise in the spirit. She takes a candle and goes to him. He sleeps. Rishita wakes him up and screams to scare him. Shiva laughs and starts hitting her. She says stop, I’m Rishita. He says I got scared now. They see Raavi. Rishita says sorry. Shiva says that Raavi should have come here.

It is morning, Shiva is brushing his teeth. Raavi gives him flying kisses. He gets angry. The man asks if you want to do everything here. Shiva says yes, I’m going to change here. Krish asks how long this will take. says Shiva until you come to help. Suman calls Shiva. She asks how long this is going to take, come in. Shiva says I told you I won’t come in until Raavi is here, let me go, I’m not coming. She scolds Raavi. Suman says I will also come out and stay with you. Everyone stops Suman. Shiva says no, wait, come in, I’ll take you. Raavi smiles.

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Gautam says customers don’t come to us. Dhara says, get the stock, we’ll take care of the customers. Pandyas appeal to the people.

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