Pandya Store 6th January 2022 Written Update

Prafula Arrived At Pandya Store So As To Buy Grocery For Her. Raavi Was Worried About The Low Sells Of Grocery In The Pandya Store. A Customer Informed Raavi That They Should Give Some Discount To Customers So As To Attract Them. Prafula Asked Raavi To Decrease The Price Of The Grocery. Raavi Did The Same And Started Shouting. Dhara And Shiva Arrived At Pandya Store. Dhara Asked Raavi To Go Home And Shiva Will Handle The Pandya Store. Prafula Said Raavi Will Handle The Pandya Store And Asked Her To Handle Counter. People Gathered Around Pandya Store And Started Making Fun Of Pandya Family.

Dhara Request Raavi And Asked Her To Go Home For Pandya Family’s Reputation. Shiva Shouted At Prafula And Sent Her To Home. Raavi Said Dhara Opposed Her Decision And Shiva Also Did The Same. Raavi Went To Pandya Residence. Rishita Gave An Interview, Interviewer Asked Does Rishita’s In-Laws Will Support Her? Rishita Said She Belongs To A Joint Family But She Knows How To Do Her Job. Rishita Got Hired. Gautam Arrived At Pandya Store And Informed Everyone That Janardhan Has Stopped The Supply Chain Of Their Store. Raavi And Dhara Arrived At Pandya Residence. Dhara Said Decreasing The Price Of Grocery Is Not Good For Their Business.

Rishita Arrived At Pandya Residence, Suddenly Kirti Arrived There. Kirti Informed Rishita That Dev Did Wrong Because After He Has Exposed Janardhan’s Affair, He And Kamini Continue To Fight With Each Other. Kirti Informed Rishita That Their Mother Went To Their Nanny’s Home. Raavi Told Dhara That She Did Wrong By Shouting At Her In Front Of Everyone. Raavi Said No One Considers Her As A Part Of Pandya Family And Leaves From There. Rishita Went To Her Nanny’s Home And Tried To Convince Her Mother To Go Home. Kalyani Said She Need To Take A Stand For Herself. Janardhan And Kamini Also Arrived At Rishita’s Nanny’s Home.

Janardhan Asked Kalyani To Go Home, But She Refused To Go. Janardhan And Kamini Leaves From There. Rishita Said She Will Always There For Her Mother. Later Shiva Was Changing Her Clothes, Raavi Arrived There. Raavi And Shiva Started Fighting With Each Other. Raavi Said She Can’t Take Decision In Behalf Of This Family. Shiva Said Raavi Started Following Rishita’s Mentality And Thought That She Is Different From The Family. Shiva Said Raavi Took Decision Regarding The Pandya Store Without Thinking About Anything. Shiva Said Raavi Decreased The Prices Of Grocery So People Thought That They Are Selling Defective And Fake Grocery Items.

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