Pandya Store 4th January 2022 Written Update

Suman says that Rishita did not come. She hears the ladies mocking. She asks the ladies to leave, the party is over. Rishita says sorry Maa, she didn’t know about this. Kalyani says I know, I’m not mad at you. She hugs Rishita. Rishita says I love you. Kalyani believes that more secrets can come out. Dev comes and stops the music. Kirti says that Dev has come to have fun with us. The lady asks Suman how you will solve the problems in the house, it is not easy to handle three bahus. Dhara says yes, you tried, but your children left the house with their wives. The ladies are leaving. Dhara asks why you didn’t say anything. Suman says why should I say, you three argue with me, ask Prafulla to leave. Prafulla says that I will meet Raavi and come. Suman asks him out. Shiva angrily ruins the decorations. He says there is no point in talking to you. Raavi cries. Rishita plays the music and dances. The developer stops the music. He says you left the party at home and came here. He says you think I’ll leave my mother sad and party there. She says your dad made the mistake, that we didn’t mean to hurt your mom, that he is responsible for hurting her, that she caught us and her truth came out. She asks why you involved the family, I won’t forgive you. He asks you to accompany her. Gautam asks why Shiva and Raavi were arguing. Dhara says that she felt bad because I did not involve her in the plan, Shiva will convince her, Dev will bring Rishita. Krish says that Raavi and Rishita ruined the role. Dhara says that we will celebrate once they come. Suman says there will be no party, you always insult me. Shiva gets there and is enraged. Everyone cares. Raavi cries. Ya Rabba…. Play … Kamini scolds Dev. Janardhan asks the guards to defeat Dev. Dev scolds him. Rishita stops Janardhan. She says you can’t talk to a developer like that. Janardhan says take it right now. Kalyani asks Rishita to leave. She asks Dev to take Rishita away. Raavi goes to his room and cries. Suman is upset. Dhara and Gautam ask him to listen. Rishita argues with Dev. She says my dad and Bua made a lot of mistakes, you all made a mistake, you didn’t think of me. He runs after her. Dhara says I’m worried. Gautam says that the new year will be really good, it will bring happiness. Dhara says I wish you said it well. Krish sends an audio message to Kirti. Suman lies to sleep. She worries and prays that the family is not shattered. Dhara remembers the words of Raavi and Rishita. She cries.

It is in the morning, Suman and Kanta are in the temple. Suman says I worry about this, I will find out what is going on in their minds, then I will know what they want. They all hug Gautam and wish him a happy new year. Dhara gets tea for them. She says that we could not wish the new year yesterday, that we will start with sweetness today, we wish you all a happy next year. Gautam embraces her. Everyone is going to hug her. Dhara says that I will hug Raavi and Rishita first, I love them more. She hugs them. They all hug her. Yaadon Ki Baraat…. Play….

Dhara asks Raavi to have tea. Raavi says I don’t want to, I don’t like it, don’t prepare it for me now. Dhara stops Shiva. Rishita says that not everyone has a place for Raavi in ​​her close circle as well. She goes. Krish says we will have a drama at night, bye. He is going to college. Gautam says that this did not happen until now, Shiva and Dev can be affected by this bitterness, we have to do something.

Dhara says it is time to divide our rights and responsibilities. Dev asks Rishita not to do a job. She refuses. Raavi creates a scene in the store.

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