Pandya Store 3rd January 2022 Written Update

Pandya Family Organized The Party At Their Residence But Rishita Went To Janardhan’s Home. Shiva Also Arranged A Special Surprise For Raavi But She Didn’t Enjoy That. Raavi Shouted At Shiva Because He Didn’t Inform Her About Dhara’s Plan To Get The Property Papers From Janardhan’s Home. Dev Was Calling Rishita But She Didn’t Pick Up His Call. Shiva Gets Angry And Disturbed The Whole Decoration. Rishita Organized A Party At Janardhan’s Home Because She Want To Give Happiness To Her Mother.

Kalyani Thought That Many Secrets Are There Regarding Janardhan’s Affair But What If They Get Revealed In This New Year. Rishita Asked Kalyani To Forget Everything. Dev Arrived At Janardhan’s Home And Stopped The Music. Dev Asked Why Rishita Arrived At Janardhan’s Home? Rishita Said Pandya’s Family Give Pain To Her Mother. Dev Said Janardhan Is Responsible For Everything And Asked Her To Go To Pandya Residence. Guests Leaves From Pandya Residence. Gautam Asked Why Raavi Is Angry? Dhara Said Raavi Is Angry Because She Didn’t Included Her In The Plan. Krish Said Our Party Get Spoiled. Dhara Said Let Raavi And Rishita Come Then We Will Celebrate New Year.

Suman Said No One Will Celebrate Anything Now. Raavi Was Crying And Recognized Everything Shiva Told To Her. Janardhan Saw Dev And Shouted At Him For Coming In His Home. Kamini Said Dev Can Betray Anyone. Janardhan Asked His Goon To Beat Dev. Rishita Said Janardhan Can’t Talk To Dev Like That. Kamini Asked Rishita To Go To Pandya Residence With Dev. Raavi And Suman Went To Their Room. Dev And Rishita Cane Out From Janardhan’s Home. Rishita Said Pandya Family Revealed Janardhan’s Affair In Front Of Everyone, Which Hurts Her Mother. Dhara Started Crying Because Her Family Is Not Happy At The Starting Of The New Year.

Gautam Asked Dhara Not To Worry About Anything Because Everything Will Be Fine Soon. Later Suman Went To Temple With Kanta. Kanta Asked Does Suman Handed Over Her Responsibility To Dhara. Suman Said She Did Everything Just To Know About Everyone’s Thoughts. Gautam And His Brothers Congratulates Everyone For Happy New Year. Dhara Took Tea For Everyone And Congratulates Everyone. Gautam’s Brothers Was Going To Hug Dhara But She Stopped Them. Dhara Said She Loves Raavi And Rishita More Than Gautam’s Brothers. Dhara Hug Raavi And Rishita. Raavi Said She Don’t Want To Drink The Tea Because She Didn’t Like That. Raavi Went To Her Room. Rishita Said Raavi’s Anger Is Logical And She Went To Her Room.

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