Pandya Store 31st December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Dhara And Gautam’s Brothers Went To Janardhan’s Home To Help Dev To Get Back The Property Papers. Janardhan And His Family Caught Everyone And Called The Police. Gautam Also Arrived There At Janardhan’s Home. Gautam Find Janardhan’s Photos With A Woman And Blackmailed Him. Dev Printed New Agreement And Took Signature Of Janardhan. Janardhan Defended Pandya Family From Police. Janardhan Asked Gautam To Give Photos To Him. Shiva Shows Pictures Of Janardhan To Kamini. Pandya Family Decided To Leave From There. Dev Asked Rishita To Go Back To Pandya Residence. Dhara Said If Rishita Want She Can Stay At Janardhan’s Home.

Pandya Family Went Back To Pandya Residence. Kamini Slapped Janardhan And Shouted At Him For That Photos. Janardhan Said He Loves His Family And This Photos Are Just Part Of His Past. Rishita’s Mother Started Crying And Went To Her Room. Rishita Asked Her Mother Not To Cry For Janardhan’s Past. Kalyani Said Pandya Family Insulted Janardhan In Front Of His Daughters. Janardhan Shouted At Kamini And Said Once Again Pandya Family Again Fooled Them. Kamini Said She Will Take Revenge From Pandya Family. Rishita Asked Kalyani To Stay Calm. Kalyani Thought That She Knew That Janardhan Used To Send Money To Someone.

Dhara Informed Everyone That We Will Organize A Party To Celebrate The New Year. Shiva Also Decided To Give Surprise To Raavi. Suddenly Rishita Arrived At Pandya Residence. Dev Hug Rishita, She Asked Him To Stay Away From Her. Krish Started Beating The Dhols. Shiva Asked Raavi To Dance And Informed Suman That They Get Back Their Property Papers. Dev Said He Went To Janardhan’s Home To Get The Papers. Dhara Said We Will Organize Party. Raavi Get Angry And Said No One Informed Her About Their Plan. Shiva Decided To Express His Love Towards Raavi Directly.

Rishita Went To Her Room And Suman Asked Why Dhara Didn’t Informed Her About The Plan. Dhara Apologized In Front Of Suman. Later Shiva Bought Flowers For Raavi. Shiva Stand In Front Of Mirror And Thinking The Lines To Express Love Towards Raavi. Dev Arrived In Shiva’s Room And Give Suggestions To Him. Shiva Put Cloth To A Plant And Assumed That She Is Raavi. Shiva Was Practicing Some Lines In Front Of Plant. Anita Saw Shiva And Get To Know That He Is Trying To Propose Raavi. Anita Called Kamini And Informed Her That Raavi And Shiva Are Coming Close To Each Other. Kamini Asked Anita To Take Raavi To The Shopping. Rishita And Raavi Was Getting Angry Because No One Included Them In The Paper Escape Plan.

Precap: Raavi Says Everyone Betrays Her. Shiva Gets Angry. Dev Asks Rishita To Stay Calm. Rishita Says Pandya Family Did Mistake.

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