Pandya Store 30th December 2021 Written Update

Rishita Checking The Call Log. She Asks Dev About The Help. He Lies. Shiva And Dhara Admit The Truth And Look At Gautam. Gautam Says I Will Beat You Shiva, You Were Kids That Time, Now You Have Grown Up. Gautam Asks Them Not To Do Anything. He Asks Her To Give Her Hand And Promise. Dhara Asks Him To Keep Her Heart. He Says No, Promise Me, Then I Will Accept That You Won’t Do Anything Wrong. They All Promise. Dhara Thinks To Break The Promise For The House Sake. Shiva Comes To Raavi And Takes Care Of Her. He Scolds Her For Going Out At Night. She Says I Know What You Did When I Was Unconscious, You Have A Weak Heart, You Got Scared For Me. Shiva Says You Are Right, I Have A Weak Heart. Dev Fixes Dev Janardhan’s Nameplate On The House And Asks How Is It. Janardhan Happily Hugs Him. He Says Your Thinking Is So Right, I Thought You Were Checking The House, I Was Wrong, I M So Happy Today. Dev Hugs Him And Thinks Get Happy, Then Your Happy Tears Will Change In Sorrow.

Dhara Puts Gautam To Sleep. He Thinks I Know You Well, You Have A Plan To Make Me Sleep And Go, I Know You Never Listen To Me. Raavi Cries And Says Everyone Isn’t Listening To Me, We Will Go And Get Dev And Rishita Back. Shiva Stops Her. She Cries. He Consoles Her. She Asks Him To Get Them Back. He Says This Can’t Happen. He Thinks If She Doesn’t Sleep, Then How Will I Know. Gautam Says I Don’t Want Any Tension In Our Love. Dhara Says I Love You A Lot. He Says I Find Your Love Much Over Today, You Sleep First Then I Will Sleep. Shiva Asks Raavi To Sleep. She Says I Won’t Sleep, What Will You Do After I Sleep. He Says You Will Know, Sleep Now, Look At Yourself, You Were Beautiful Before, Complete Your Sleep. He Makes Her Sleep.

Shiva Comes To Dhara’s Room. Dhara Kisses Gautam And Says Kiss Makes You Sleep Well. Shiva Says I Didn’t See Anything, I Will Go Now. Krish Says I M Feeling Sleepy. Shiva Goes To See Raavi. He Kisses Her And Gets Away. Dhara, Krish And Shiva Leave. They Say We Will Show Janardhan His Real Place. Gautam Wakes Up And Doesn’t See Dhara. He Goes.

Dhara, Shiva And Krish Get Inside Janardhan’s House. Rishita Wakes Up And Sees Dev Missing. Dev Goes To Krish And Stops Him. Janardhan And Kamini Also Go Out To Look For Someone. Janardhan Asks Who Is Here. Dhara, Krish, Dev And Shiva Hide From Rishita.

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