Pandya Store 2nd March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Rishita wondering whether to tell Dev and the family about her pregnancy. She says that Dev should be with her now, but he left after fighting with her. He doesn’t care for her. Gautam asks Dev to come home for dinner. Dev says that he doesn’t want return home after what happened today. He asks Gautam to give him time to calm himself dow. Krish is with Kriti’s friends. Krish receives Dhara’s call. They mock Krish. Krish switches off the phone. Dhara tells the same to Gautam and says that Krish started hiding things. Gautam reassures Dhara that he will talk to Krish. Suman comes to Dhara and asks to bring Rishita to have dinner.

Dhara comes to Rishita. She assures Rishita that they all will convince Dev and Suman and calls her for dinner. Rishita refuses to have dinner. Dhara says to not show her anger on the food. Suman and Gautam are waiting for her. She asks again Rishita to come. Rishita reacts angrily and refuses to have food. She asks Dhara to leave. Dhara tells Suman that Rishita doesn’t feel to have food. Shiva comes for dinner. He eats in full speed. Gautam asks him to eat slowly.

Dhara notices that Shiva is injured and asks how he got injured. Shiva asks if he should tell everything. Raavi says to not vent his anger on Dhara. Shiva says that Raavi doesn’t belong to this house and asks her to keep her mouth shut. He scolds Raavi. He says that people badmouth Raavi, but she doesn’t care about it. Raavi asks if he feels bad for that why he doesn’t marry her. Shiva says that not marrying her is his stubbornness. He hates Raavi. Shiva gets up to leave. Raavi stops him and says that his anger is nothing in front of her love and says that if his decision isn’t marry her, her decision is to marry him. Shiva says that Raavi can’t win as he will Raavi all his life. Raavi says that she will love him all her life. Shiva leaves saying in her dream.

Suman scolds Raavi for making Shiva leave hungry. Suman is sad that her family members are fighting with each other and expresses it. She says that Raavi spoiled Shiva’s life and now refusing to leave the house. Suman leaves without having food despite Dhara trying to stop her. Gautam also leaves. Dhara gets worried remembering Rishita, Shiva and Susan’s words.

Raavi asks Dhara if she serves food for her. Dhara refuses angrily. Raavi aska why she’s venting out her anger on her. Dhara says that family is suffering because of her, first time no one had dinner. Raavi says that it’s because Shiva’s stubbornness and asks Dhara to get her married to Shiva. She promises to bring back the peace in the house else she will do everything to win Shiva.

Krish comes back home late night. Dhara catches Krish and questions him. She asks why his phone was switched off, who he is studying with him since he wasn’t with his usual friends. Krish says that he got a new friend. Dhara asks if his new friend isn’t Kriti. Dhara asks Krish to stop his friendship with Kriti and warns him that it can only bring trouble to the family. She asks to think about Rishita at least.

Krish asks why she always drag Kriti between. Dhara asks what this smell is. She asks him to tell what he ate. Krish pushes Dhara and says that he ate paan. Dhara says that she can recognize the smell of what he ate and drunk. She asks him to tell where he was doing, with whom he was. Krish angrily reacts and leaves from there. Dhara says that Krish is doing something wrong and prays to God save Krish.

Dhara comes to Gautam. She hugs him crying. She says that everyone is giving her tension and Raavi’s attitude isn’t good. Gautam says that Shiva is angry and he will be fine in few days. Dhara says that Shiva has still for feelings for Raavi, so he can fight for Raavi, but the problem is his stubbornness. Gautam says that Shiva is scared of love. Dhara says that she will lock Shiva and Raavi in a room till Shiva agrees to marry Raavi again. Dhara hugs Gautam. The latter asks how she will solve Rishita’s matter. Dhara says that she found a solution.

Rishita sneaks out of the house. She gets into an autoricshaw and leaves. Dhara says to Gautam that she got an idea and leaves. Gautam gets worried. Rishita comes to her house. She says that she will tell Kalyaani about her pregnancy, she will understand her and will make others understand too. She the says that she can tell Kalyaani as if Janardan and Kamini gets know this, it will create more problem. Dhara comes to someone’s room and looks on.

The episode ends.

Precap: Pandyas learn about Rishita’s pregnancy. Suman says that Rishita’s child will be born. Rishita says that she has the rights to decide about this.

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