Pandya Store 29th December 2021 Written Update

Dev Saying I Was Talking About Your Love, I Got It Now, Don’t You Trust Me, Fine. Janardhan Says No, Its Nothing Like That. Dev Says Fine, I Will Go And Sleep Now, What Are You Finding At This Time. Janardhan Says No, You Are A Guest. Dev Says You Broke My Heart, I M Your Son In Law, Not A Guest, This Is Your House, Then Its Of Rishita And Mine. Janardhan Says You Said Right, I Will Make Tea For You, Come. Dev Says Come. They Go.

Raavi Asks The Goons To Leave Her. The Car Goes Out Of Control. The Goons Jump Outside. Raavi Shouts For Help. Shiva Sees The Car Going Towards The Cliff End. He Shouts Raavi And Runs. The Car Stops At The Edge. Raavi Closes Eyes. She Gets Scared. Raavi Worries And Calls Him Out. She Gets Hurt And Faints Down. He Recalls Their Moments. He Says Nothing Will Happen To You, I M Coming. He Tries To Push The Car Backwards. He Says We Will Live Together And Die Together.

Dhara Is Worried. Krish Comes And Says I Can’t Go To Give Tea To Suman, She Always Questions Me, Then You Will Beat Me. Suman Comes. She Asks Did You Send Away Shiva And Raavi Also To Rule Alone. Dhara Says No, They Went To Temple To Pray For Dev And Rishita’s Return. Suman Says They Should Pray That You Get Sense And Unite The Family, Chudails Rule The House Alone. Krish Laughs. Suman Says Come With Me, You Aren’t Telling Me Anything. Krish Jokes. He Runs Away. Suman Scolds Dhara And Goes.

Shiva Puts A Stone Under The Tyre. He Opens The Car Door And Gets Raavi Outside. He Lifts Her And Takes Her. He Cries. He Asks Her To Get Up. Gautam Comes To Dhara And Says I Know You Are Doing Something, Something Else Can Happen. Raavi Gets Up. Shiva Asks Are You Fine, If Anything Happened With You, Then I Would Have Taken Your Life. She Asks How. He Hugs Her. He Says You Are Fighting With Me, It Means You Are Fine, Get Up. He Asks Auto Driver To Take Them. Driver Says Auto Isn’t Starting. Shiva Takes Lift. He Also Helps The Auto And Tows It By The Truck. Dhara Hugs Gautam. Shiva Brings Raavi Home. Dhara Asks Why Is He Romancing Raavi, Suman May Get Angry. Gautam Says Something Happened To Raavi. They Run To See.

Dhara Asks What Happened. Shiva Says She Went To Janardhan’s House To Get Dev And Rishita Back. He Tell Everything. He Asks Raavi To Open Eyes. Gautam Looks At Dhara. He Says This Is Happening Because Of You. Dhara Says Fight With Me Later. She Asks Shiva To Take Raavi To Room. Gautam Says I M Going To Get Dev And Rishita Home. Raavi Gets Up. She Holds Shiva’s Hand. Shiva Thinks Is This Love That I Want To Be With You. He Asks Are You Fine, Shall I Call The Doctor. She Says No. Gautam Says I Can’t See Suman Like This. Dhara Asks Can You See Me Like This, You Promised To Always Support Me. She Hugs Gautam And Says This Is Not Fair. He Says This Is Not Fair, I Knew It, You All Will Do Something. She Says Its Good News, Dev Didn’t Leave The House, He Went To Steal The Loan Papers. Gautam Asks What. Krish Says He Went To Steal The Loan Papers. Gautam Runs To Beat Him. He Says I Knew It, Dhara Will Do Something, Is Rishita Involved. Krish Says No, She Thinks Dhara Is A Chudail. Dhara Says Please Give Us One Day Time. Dev Calls Krish. Gautam Says Put It On Speaker. Dev Says Work Didn’t Happen. Shiva Asks How. He Sees Gautam. Krish Signs Gautam Knows It. Dev Says I Know About The File, Just Come Tonight To Help Me. Rishita Asks Whose Help Are You Asking. Dev Worries.

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