Pandya Store 28th December 2021 Written Written Update

Dhara And Shiva Seeing Suman. Dhara Says Shiva Will Tell You. Suman Says Elders Should Talk. Suman Says No Need To Tell Anything, I Know, Dev And Rishita Aren’t Here, I Lost My Sleep. Krish Says We Got Saved, I Mean Its Too Late, We Will Go Now. Dhara Asks Krish To Shut Up. Krish Takes Suman. Shiva Says We Will Work According To Plan. Rishita Comes To Dev. He Hugs Her And Says Congratulations, You Got The Lifestyle You Wanted. She Asks Are You Really Happy. She Says Yes, I Feel You Are Awake And Missing Family. He Says No. She Says I M Missing Them. He Says I Also Miss Them, I M Trying To Adjust For Your Sake, I Love You. He Hugs Her And Thinks To Steal The Papers. Suman And Gautam Think Of Dev And Get Sad. Yaadon Ki Baraat….Plays…

Shiva And Krish Argue. Shiva Asks Him To Be Away From Suman And Gautam. Krish Says Fine. Shiva Messages Raavi And Sleeps. He Gets A Bad Dream And Wakes Up, Shouting Raavi. He Goes To The Room To See. He Doesn’t See Her In The House. He Sees The Door Open. He Goes Out To See Outside. He Says Maybe She Went To Meet Dev And Rishita. Janardhan Asks Where Are The Guards. Shambu Comes And Threatens Him For Money. Janardhan Asks His Guards To Beat Shambu. The Guards Beat Up Shambu. Shiva Goes To Rishita’s House. Raavi Comes There And Says No One Cares For The Daughter Who Left Home. Shambu Hears The Auto Driver Saying She Has No Values To Come Here At This Time. Shambu Thinks She Is Janardhan’s Daughter. He Catches Her. Shambu Scolds Her. He Says I Came To Kidnap You. She Says I M Not Janardhan’s Daughter, She Is Inside, Come With Me. Auto Driver Looks On. She Asks The Goons To Stop. The Goons Take Her In The Car.

Auto Driver Asks Them To Leave The Girl. Shambu Threatens Him. Dev Wakes Up And Goes Out. Shiva Comes To Janardhan’s House And Sees Raavi. Auto Driver Asks Shiva To Just Save Her, She Is Like His Sister. Shiva Says She Would Be Your Sister, She Is My Wife. He Scolds The Auto Driver. He Says I Will Ride The Auto, If Anything Happens To My Wife, Then I Will Burn This Auto. He Follows Shambu’s Car. Janardhan Catches Dev And Asks What Are You Doing. Dev Says Its My House Now, I Was Thinking To Sit On Your Chair And See The Power. Janardhan Asks Why Not, Come. Dev Sees The Chair. Janardhan Asks Him To Go And Sleep Now.

Dev Says Your Office Is Good, Sit. He Sits On The Chair. Janardhan Says Its My Chair, Get Up. Dev Says Its Same If You Sit Or Mine, What’s Yours Is Mine, Sit. Shiva Is Still Following The Car. He Asks Auto Driver To Sit Quiet. Shambu And Goons Ask Is Raavi Not Janardhan’s Daughter. She Says No. Janardhan Asks What Did You Think, You Want To Be With Your Brothers, Tell Me. Dev Says I Got What I Wanted In This House. Janardhan Looks At The Cupboard. He Goes To Check. Dev Smiles.

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