Pandya Store 27th December 2021 Written Written Update

Dev And Rishita Arrived At Janardhan’s Home. Dev Went To Janardhan’s Home To Get Loan Papers From There And It Was Dhara’s Plan. Shiva And Dhara Were Not Able To Sleep And They Both Arrived In The Kitchen. Dhara Told Shiva That We Want The Papers Back But Dev Is In Danger. Suman And Krish At The Kitchen. Suman Said She Is Not Able To Sleep Because Dev And Rishita Is Not In The Pandya Residence. Krish Said Thank God Because Suman Didn’t Listen To Anything. Shiva Manipulated Krish’s Words And Asked Suman To Go To Sleep. Dhara Said Dev Should Get Papers As Soon As Possible.

On The Other Hand, Dev Was Not Able To Sleep Because He Is Away From Pandya’s Residence. Rishita Came In Room And Asked Why Dev Is Awake? Dev Said He Is Missing His Family But He Will Try To Co-Operate With Rishita’s Family Too. Rishita Said She Is Also Missing The Pandya Family. Krish Shows Photos Of Dev And Rishita To Suman, She Gets Emotional. No Member Of Pandya’s Residence Was Able To Sleep Because Of Absence Of Dev And Rishita. Shiva Asked Krish To Stay Calm And Not To Inform Anything To Anyone. Shiva Send A Message To Raavi And Asked Her To Sleep Silently. Shiva Saw A Bad Dream In Which Raavi Was In Danger And He Wake Up Suddenly.

Shiva Went In Raavi’s Room And Find That Raavi Is Not There In Pandya’s Residence. A Man Arrived At Janardhan’s Home To Get His Money But Janardhan’s Goons Beat Him. Rishita Went To Janardhan’s Home To Meet Dev And Rishita. That Man Thought That Raavi Is Janardhan’s Daughter And Decided To Kidnap Her. Shiva Was Moving Towards Janardhan’s Home To Stop Rishita. That Man With Help Of His Goons Kidnapped Raavi. Shiva Reached At Janardhan’s Home And Get To Know About Raavi’s Kidnapping. Shiva Started Following Kidnappers’ Car Through Auto Rickshaws.

On The Other Hand, Dev Came Out Of His Room And Went To Janardhan’s Office To Get Papers. Suddenly Janardhan Arrived There And Stopped Dev. Dev Said He Has Listened That Janardhan’s Chair Is Too Unique And That’s Why He Wants To Sit On That. Janardhan Shows His Office To Dev And Asked Him To Go Back To His Room. Dev Sits On Janardhan’s Chair And Said He Is Also Owner Of This Family. Raavi Was Shouting At The Kidnappers And Said She Is Not Daughter Of Janardhan. Kidnappers Thought That Raavi Is Not Telling The Truth.

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