Pandya Store 24th February 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Suman asking Anita to write on the board that forcing anyone for the marriage is a sin. Anita obliges. Raavi thinks of giving another drink to Prafulla. Raavi gets spiked juice to Prafulla and the latter drinks it. Other side Rishita and Sagar have come for shopping. Rishita admires a scarf put on mannequin. Sagar sees this. She sees the rate and doesn’t buy it. Rishita asks Sagar why he isn’t married to which Sagar says that he is waiting for his soulmate, but it seems that she doesn’t know about his existence. Dev tries to contact Rishita, but her phone is unreachable. Rishita asks Sagar what kind of girl he wants. Sagar says that he wants a girl like Rishita, who is as confident as Rishita is, who is as excited as he is for his work. Rishita thinks in mind that Sagar is perfect match for Kriti. She asks if he will he get married if he finds that kind of girl without running away. He isn’t coward, he is tough, Rishita says that one should be caring and loving too. He is always like that. Rishita says that she will find a girl for him. Rishita opens the room door. She starts feeling dizzy. Sagar holds her.

Prafulla starts feeling dizzy. Suman asks Raavi to tell whatever she wants, so that they can have to leave. They don’t have time. Dhara asks Raavi what she’s going to do. Raavi asks her to wait and see. Prafulla sits on the couch feeling dizzy. Rishita throws up in the washroom. Sagar asks her from outside if she’s fine. Rishita’s phone rings. Rishita says that it must be Dev and asks Sagar to receive the call. She asks him to not tell Dev about her sickness. Sagar recrives the call. Dev says Sagar’s voice. Rishita comes and takes the phone from Sagar. She tries to talk Dev, but Rishita’s phone’s battery die. Dev tries to contact Rishita and gets angry finding her phone switched off. He says that Rishita is careless and doesn’t call and give him her update. He wonders what Sagar is doing in Rishita’s room in the night. Sagar says to Rishita to not worry. She can charge the phone for a while and call Dev later. He offers to get medicine from pharmacy if she’s not well. Rishita says that she’s fine and asks him to leave.

Shiva begins to leave, but Raavi stops him. She says to Shiva that he wanted her to prove her innocence. She tells to the family that she will give them proof for her innocence. She says that she drugged Prafulla to make her confess the truth. She connects a machine to Prafulla and says it’s a lie detector machine. Raavi asks Prafulla to tell how she succeed to break her marriage with Shiva. Prafulla denies of doing anything. Red light blinks. Suman asks Krish about the machine’s sound. Krish explains that the machine detected that Prafulla is lying. Anita says that she should have known that Raavi has come back with a plan. Raavi asks Prafulla if she hates Pandyas. Prafulla says yes. Green light blinks. Raavi asks if she has done everything to make her come back to her. Prafulla denies it. Red light blinks. Suman says to Gautam to get such machine for her so that she can catch everyone’s lie. Dhara says to see whether it does Raavi’s work. Raavi asks Prafulla if she gets her sign on the divorce papers by tricking her. Prafulla admits it. Green light blinks.

Shiva asks Raavi what she wants to prove it. Raavi says that Prafulla just accepted that she got her sign the papers by tricking her. Shiva says that Prafulla is talking about his bail papers. She didn’t confess that she tricked her to sign the divorce papers. Raavi says that Prafulla put the divorce papers between the bail papers. Raavi asks Prafulla to confess about the same. Prafulla is unconscious. Gautam says that he doesn’t trust that machine. Raavi tries to wake Prafulla up. Anita stops Raavi and scolds her for intoxicating Prafulla for her own benefits. Shiva says to Raavi that she learned to create a scene from Prafulla, He further says that whatever she does, she can’t change the fact that she’s a liar and a cheat. Raavi says that she proved her innocence. Shiva says that Prafulla didn’t confess anything. She’s unconscious. She’s giving indirect answers. She’s more cunning than her. He has come to punish Anita and the work is done. Pandyas begin to leave.

Raavi comes and stand in front of them. Raavi says that she proved her innocence. Even Shiva doesn’t believe her Lord Shiva knows her truth. Prafulla made her sign the papers by tricking her. She was also at fault as she wasn’t careful in spite of knowing Prafulla’s intention. She says that they can reject her, but she won’t reject them. She will stay at Pandyas house as Shiva’s soon to be wife. She will never leave Pandya’s house. She leaves. Dhara says that Raavi is saying the truth. She won’t get stubborn to stay in their house, if she signed the divorce papers. She says that she trusts Raavi. Krish and Dev also say the same. Gautam says that Raavi chose wrong way to prove her truth. Anita sees everything.

Pandyas come back home and get surprised on seeing Raavi with aarti plate. Raavi asks Dhara to do her aarti as this house soon to be daughter in law has come back. Suman glares at Raavi and throws the aarti plate in the air. Shiva pushes the plate away so that no one gets hurt. The Vermillion falls over Raavi’s head.

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