Pandya Store 23rd December 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with Suman asks Dhara to sign the papers saying she want her son’s to be out of the prison. After that they all comes out they will also sign the papers. Dhara tells that she wont sign the papers without everyone’s sign the property will not name after Dev-Rishita’s. Rishita gets shocked. Rishita asks her what’s the problem if the land named on her and Dev’s name. Dhara tells Suman that she is ready to use the money which is in the bank but won’t sign the papers. Raavi says to Dhara that just like how the land is everyone’s right the same way the money in the bank has also everyone’s right so they have already decided that the money will be used for her IVF treatment. Rishita tells that Dhara thinks and wants everything and eveyone to be under control. Suman goes to her room and locks it. Dhara Dhara Rishita and Raavi gete worried and asks her to open it. Suman opens her room and starts scolding all three of them while throwing things at them. They all hide together under a blanket which Dhara bought.

Dhara asks Rishita why she is staying under this blanket which shocks Suman. Suman scolds Dhara but Dhara tells that she will do anything but wont sign the papers. Rishita comes out of the blanket and tells this time she is not also going to back away from her decision. She is going to leave the house and starts to walk away. Suman asks Dhara is she think that she is protecting the house happiness and unity by not signing the papers even now Rishita wants to leave the house what she is going to do about it. The Pandya brother’s comes to the house and asks why Rishita wants to leave the house. They all falls to the ground but stands up with the help of their wives. Dhara asks Gautam how they got bail to which Gautam tells that Janaradhan made them. Rishita tells that her father fulfilled his promise and now it’s their turn to fulfill their promises. The Pandya brother’s gets confused and looks at Rishita.

Rishita tells the condition of Janardhan and Kaamini ans brings the NOC papers and asks them to sign it saying her father fulfilled the promised. Both Shiva and Krish tells that Janardhan is not a trust worthy person but Rishita argues with him saying they have to this time because this time he fulfilled the promise. Dhara remains stubborn so Rishita tells she is going to leave the house and goes to her room and packs the clothes of hers all the while saying that Dhara is a selfish person but here eveyone is blinded by the fake love she iis showing on them. If she signs the papers she can earn respect from Janardhan and Kaamini but it wont happen now because of Dhara’s stubbornness. Raavi asks Dhara to stop Rishita but Dhara remains stubborn.

Dhara excuses herself. Dev and Shiva also excuses themselves when they receives a message from Dhara. They all meets in the kitchen. Dhara tells Dev she likes Rishita the same way she likes Raavi but she is not understanding the things so its him sho needs to leave their house and go to stay with Janardhan to expose his true color to Rishita. Dev and Shiva tells it’s not possible but Dhara reminds them how they have taken their property papers from someone who illegally snatched it from them. Dev and Shiva gets happy.

Dhara and Dev-Shiva tells they shouldn’t tell this to anyone especially Gautam Suman Raavi and Krish. Dhara gets shocked seeing Krish who acts and tells he ie here to drink water just like them only. Both Dev and Shiiva warns and threatens him to not to tell their plan to anyone but Krish lies he didn’t heard anything and leaves the place. Dev worries but Dhara tells Shiva is there to handle Krish.

The Pandya’s sees Rishita is coming out of her room with a luggage in her room. She tells it should have been stopped if Dhara signed the papers. Dhara tells Rishita that there is no need for her to accept her decision every time which angers Rishita so she decides to walk away but Raavi stops her and asks Dhara why she is provoking her like this. She then asks Rishita to calm down saying they’ll find a way. Raavi tells both Dev and Rishita can have the income and handle their new shop in that way the problem is sorted. Krish almost reveals Dhara and Dev-Shiva’s by saying that Raavi ruined their plan. Eveyone looks confused. Shiva takes him and ties him then hangs him upside down and asks other family members to concentrate on Rishita’s problem. Rishita tells that she decided that she will leave the house if Dhara dont sign the papers. Dhara asks her to either help her in the kitchen or leave the house. Shiva also talks to her rudely. Gautam asks Rishita to not to leave saying this is her family to which Rishita tells she accepted them but the people here didnt accept her and this house is Dhara’s.

Suman intervenes and tells its hers and asks Rishita to leave but Rishita leaves the house. Dev tells that whatever happened today with Rishita is not right. They should have stopped her by giving her false hope but they didn’t. Shiva and Dev argues with each other and holds each other’s shirt when Dev angrily asks Shiva how dare he talk to Rishita that way. Gautam separates them and watns Shiva to not to cross his limits. Dev tells that he wants to be a good husband who fulfill the responsibilities of a husband so he is also leaving the house which shocks everyone.

Precap: Suman accuses Dhara for breaking the unity of the house. Janardhan and Kaamini welcomes Rishita and Dev. Dev drinks the entire Kheer from the bowl. Janardha asks what’s his future plan to which Dev tells what’s his has equal rights on him too right. Janardhan and Kaamini gets shocked.

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