Pandya Store 22nd December 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with Kaamini tells she has one more option through which they can save Pandya brother’s and asks to name the land on her and Janardhan’s name. They received the land on gift so what’s wrong in changing the land in their name. Dhara tells that now she understands the real intention of her then why she didn’t told them directly and creating all this. Kaamini asks Dhara to not to blame them unnecessarily. All they want is to help them. She then tells if she has problem in this then they can name the land on Dev and Rishita’s name then they will let the Pandya brothers come out of the prison.javascript:false

Dhara refuses to agree to Kaamini’s condition saying it’s her trap and she will not fall for it. Kaamini tells Rishita that she herself can see it Dhara don’t want the land to be on her name and Dev’s and it’s clear what kind of a person Dhara is. Rishita asks Dhara to sign the papers so that they can make the Pandya brothers comes out of the jail. Dhara refuses and asks Rishita to understand why she is not agreeing to this. Before Rishita could tell something Raavi intervenes and tells Rishita that they will talk about this in their house.

Dhara tells Kaamini and Janardhan that she will never let them win their evil intentions towards her family this time. Suman tells that she is ready to sign the NOC papers because she wants her son’s back in her house. Dhara asks Suman to not to fall into Kaamini and Janardhan’s trap but Sumam refuses to hear Dhara and asks her to sign the papers and come to the house then leaves the place. Dhara goes behind her.

Raavi also leaves the place. Kaamini tells Rishita even she can clearly see that Dhara don’t want the land to be on her and Dev’s name but she is pouring so much love on Dhara and the family. Rishita tells Kaamini that her family loves her the most but she needs a little time to convince Dhara. Kriti one who watches everything from the upstairs thinks there is nothing wrong in what her aunt is doing.

Kaamini tells Rishita that the parents always wants their Childern happiness so for that they will do anything. They are also doing this for her and Dev’s happiness only. Rishita looks confused. Janardhan smirks. In the police station lady constables takes Raavi’s maasi inside the bar and ties her in a chair.

Raavi’s maasi pleads them to let her go saying she will never say anything against police also if they wants to punish then they can punish the Pandya brother’s. Kaamini asks Janardhan to call the police station and asks them to release the Pandya brothers. Janardhan asks the inspector to release the Pandya brothers. Suman tells Dhara that she is going to sign the papers but Dhara asks her to understand saying it’s a trap of Kaamini and Janardhan. Suman tells that she don’t care about any of this all she want is her son’s to return to the house. She also accuses Dhara for not caring about others. Rishita comes there and tells that she agrees with Suman’s words. She then asks Dhara what is the problem if the land is on her and Dev’s name because it’s still accessible to the family members. Dhara asks Rishita why she is once again falling for her aunts words.

Rishita asks Dhara is she not happy that the land is going to be on her and Dev’s name that’s why she is doing all this. Dhara gets shocked. Raavi asks Rishita to mind her language and reminds her that Dhara wants to use the money which is for her IVF treatments to save the Pandya brothers. She also tells it’s all Kaamini and Janardhan’s plan but Rishita gets angry and asks Raavi to not to tall ill against her family members. The inspector opens the jail door and asks the Pandya brothers to leave as they get permission. The Pandya brothers wonders how its possible. Shiva tells even after they told no Dhara used the money which is for her treatment and it’s not at all right and leaves the cell follwee by his brothers.

The Pandya brothers sign the papers and sees Raavi’s aunt is coming outside. Seeing the Pandya brothers gets starts cursing them for putting her in this state. Shiva mocks Raavi’s aunt. Gautam offers to drop her to the house but she refuses and takes the money from Gautam’s hand and leaves the place. Rishita tells at first she thought Kaamini is instigating her against Dhara but now she understands whatever she told about Dhara is true. Suman asks Rishita to bring the NOC papers saying she will sign it.

Rishita goes to take it meanwhile Dhara pleads Suman ti listen to her saying Kaamini and Janardhan wants to break their unity that’s why they are doing this. Rishita comes there and asks Dhara what’s her problem in signing the papers because they are also part of them family even after the land becomes their name eveyone have equal rights on it. In return Kaamini promises to release the Pandya brothers. Dhara asks Rishita that she is intelligent daughter in law right so why she is not understanding that they have so much money to pay the debt then what is the need to sign the papers.

Rishita asks Dhara why her face colors drained when Kaamini puts forth this as a condition. Why she wants everything in name so that she can rule everyone but she wont listens to her words. Suman tells there is always drama happening in the house for every decision and puts the thump print on the NOC papers. Raavi’s massi gets angry seeing Anita who run away from there instead of saving her to which Anita tells that she has to do it. They both gets into an argument. Raavi’s massi tells Anita that she did this to get into the good side of Dhara so that she can able to talk about her and Hartik alliance. Anita thinks that she did this to get closer to Gautam and gain Raavi’s trust. Rishita tells Dhara if she dont sign the papers she will leave the house and never come back. Dhara tells no matter what if eveyone in the family members sign the papers she won’t and that way the land will not be on the name of Dev and Rishita which shocks eveyone.

Precap: Rishita asks eveyone to sign the NOC papers. Dhara refuses to do it. Rishita threatens to leave the house and not to return no matter what. Eveyone gets worried.

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