Pandya Store 21st December 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with the ladies create a chaos infront of police station. The inspector asks to stop the drama but Suman tells no one will leave this place. The inspector tells Kaamini she did what she asked him to. He then goes inside the jail and starts beating Gautam but Shiva stops him and threatens him which angers the inspector so he starts beating Shiva. Krish records the video and threatens the inspector. The inspector breaks the mobile into pieces. The guy breaks into tears because his mobile is broken. Inspector beats the guy who used mobile inside the jail and leaves the place. Krish asks Shiva to thank him but Shiva slaps him and says thank you.javascript:false

Gautam asks Shiva he is not hurt right to which Shiva says he is fine also asks Gautam to sit and take rest as he also get beaten up by the police officer. Dhara comes to thr station with a lawyer. She gets happy and hopeful seeing the protest that is held by Pandya women along with the help of few other women. Suman asks Dhara to go inside and take the Pandya brothers out until then she will handle the outside situation.

Dhara agrees and goes inside the station with a lawyer beside her. She then gives the bail papers to the inspector and demands him to release the Pandya brothers. The inspector looks at the bail papers. Dhara asks the inspector why he is treating the Pandya brothers like how they treat a criminal also asks him to show what all are the charges put on him. The inspector shows the charge sheet.

Dhara is about to say something but the lawyer intervenes and takes her from there. The lawyer tells Dhara that they have trapped them into a situation with the clauses of agreement and it can be easily proved so the Pandya brothers may have to spent ten years in jail which shocks Dhara. The lawyer advices Dhara to talk to the person who did this and plead them to release them. Dhara gets worried.

The Pandya women along with the other women asks the police to release the Pandya brothers. Dhara goes to the inspector and tells she wants to talk to Pandya brothers. The inspector gives permission. Dhara goes to the jail where the brothers were kept and starts crying seeing their condition. She then assures them that she will do eveyrgimg in her power to take them out of the prison.

Gautam asks Dhara what is she going to do. Shiva asks Dhara is she planning on using the money for her IVF treatments to pay off the debt. Dhara remains silent so the Pandya brothers start protesting saying Dhara to not to do this because for them her dream is more important and for that if they want to spend their whole life inside the jail they will do it. Dev and Krish agrees with Shiva but Dhara asks them not to worry and leaves the place.

Gautam tells dont know what is in Dhara’s mind to which Dev tells that Dhara is going to do what they all are asking her not to. Gautam sits on the floor. Dhara looks at her family members and other women who is protesting out. Rishita asks Raavi how long they are going to continue this because they have to do something next. The media arrives there. Suman and Raavi’s maasi also thinks what they have to so next.

Raavi’s massi takes the media with her. The inspector asks the people outside the station to leave but they refuses to listen. Media questions the inspector who in return tells they have a solid proof against the Pandya brother’s. He also orders his other officers to take Raavi’s massi inside the station. Raavi’s massi gets scared and tells its not her son’s who is inside and calls Anita for help but she runs away from there. The ladies also leaves the place.

Raavi tells Rishita they’re still there so they can protest till the Pandya brothers comes out of the prison. Raavi’s massi starts complaining when the lady constable make her sit on the chair. So the lady constable take her somewhere. Kaamini and Janardhan gets shocked seeing the media is there. Janardhan gets angry and tells that he is not aware those stupid people can think like that. Suman comes there with Dhara and Raavi Raavi Rishita and mocks him.

Janardhan calls for security saying how dare they can enter the house. Suman tells now they they have entered it she wants to know why he and Kaamini is behind their back. She also threatens them. Rishita asks Kaamini what is she going to get by doing all this because she isn’t going to return to this house. She also tells her evilness are increasing each day.

Dhara tells Kaamini to let them live peacefully. She also tells that she has never seen a people who go against their own daughter. Kaamin asks Dhara to pay off the debt if she worried so much. Dhara Written a cheque and gives it to Kaamini saying once the bank is open asks to withdraw it shocking everyone. Raavi starts protesting against Dhara’s idea and tells this for her treatment and tears the cheque. Dhara writes another one but Raavi tells that have rights on her unborn child too.

Kaamini tells Rishita they are doing dramas sp Rishita scolds Raavi and Dhara. Raavi asks Kaamini to call the inspector so that she can able to talk to the Pandya brothers. Raavi informs them about Dhara’s idea but the brothers protest saying if she uses the money then they will accept all the false allegations on them which shocks Dhara. Kaamin tells that she have one more option that is they have to name the land in which they are planning to built a Pandya Store shocking everyone.

Precap: Rishita tells the family that her father did and released the Pandya brother’s as per the promise they made now its their turn to sign the papers. Dhara refuses to sign the papers. Rishita threatens to leave the house saying if she leaves then she will never return.

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