Pandya Store 1st January 2022 Written Update

Dhara And Gautam’s Brothers Went To Get Property Papers From Janardhan’s Home. Gautam Find Some Photos Of Janardhan And Blackmailed Him. Gautam Took Signature Of Janardhan On An Agreement And Leaves From There With Real Papers. Dhara And Everyone Arrived At Pandya Residence And Informed Everyone About Their Plan And Victory. Raavi And Rishita Thought That No One Informed Them About The Plan Earlier Because No One Considered Them As A Part Of Family. Shiva Decided To Give Special Surprise To Raavi And Express His Love Towards Her. Dhara Organized A Party At Pandya Residence. Anita Want To Provoke Raavi That’s Why She Took Her For Shopping. Guests Arrived At Pandya Residence, But Raavi And Rishita Was Not There.

Rishita’s Phone Was Switched Off. Guests Started Taunting Because Dhara Alone Was Handling The Arrangements Of The Party, Suman Gets Angry. Anita And Prafula Arrived At Pandya Residence. Suman Said Prafula Should Come With A Gift. Suddenly Raavi Arrived At Pandya Residence. Dhara Asked Raavi To Get Ready For The Party, She Ignored Dhara And Went To Upstairs. Dhara Asked Does Shiva Has Done Something Wrong? Shiva Asked Dhara To Handle Everything. Raavi Saw The Decorations Done By Shiva, He Also Arrived There. Shiva Asked What Happened? Shiva Said Guests Are Talking About Her. Raavi Said She Will Not Attend The Party. Krish Play The Music And Everyone Started Dancing.

Raavi Said Everyone Proved That She Is Not The Part Of Pandya Family. Shiva Asked Raavi To Stay Calm And Join The Party Now. Raavi Said No One Informed Her About The Plan. Shiva Said Raavi Can’t Keep Any Secret That’s Why He Didn’t Informed Anything To Her. Raavi Said No One Gave A Chance To Proof Herself. Guests Listened Raavi’s Shouting And Started Taunting. Dhara Increase The Volume Of Music So That No One Listens Raavi’s Words. Shiva Asked Raavi To Stay Calm And Enjoy This Decoration. Raavi Throw Flowers. Rishita Went To Janardhan’s Home And Meets Her Mother. Rishita Said She Will Not Celebrate New Year With Dev.

Prafula Asked Anita To Stop Raavi. Anita Said She Can’t Get In Between Shiva And Raavi. Dhara Went Upstairs And Get Happy After Seeing The Decorations. Dhara Asked Raavi To Meet The Guests. Raavi Said She And Rishita Are Not The Part Of Pandya Family That’s Why She Will Not Attend The Party. Dhara Said She Didn’t Informed Gautam About The Plan. Shiva Asked Dhara To Go Downstairs And Handle Everything. Dev Informed Dhara That Rishita Is Not Picking Up His Call. Dev Again Called Rishita And Asked Why She Didn’t Picked Up The Call. Rishita Said Pandya Family Hurts Her Mother And That’s Why She Arranged Party For Her Mother.

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