Pandya Store 17th March 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with Dhara and Rishita coming to Raavi taking Shiva’s turmeric water. Raavi gets happy thinking that Shiva agreed to marry her. Dhara asks Raavi to open her mouth. Raavi obliges. Dhara and Rishita make Raavi drink alcohol. Dhara apologizes to Raavi saying that she hasn’t had any other way, between Shiva or Raavi, anyone needs to be in intoxicated. Dhara says that this is cheating. Dhara and Rishita apply turmeric on Raavi’s face. Shiva comes there calling out Dhara. The latter covers Raavi with a yellow color duppata. She says to Rishita to handle her.

Dhara goes to Shiva and asks what he is still doing here. She asks Shiva to go to her room and wash off the turmeric else people will think that he is getting married. Dhara says to Krish to take Shiva from here. Shiva leaves. Dhara comes to Raavi and apologizes to her. They complete Raavi’s haldi ceremony. Dhara wishes Raavi that she gets Shiva’s love for all her seven’s birth. She kisses her head. Dhara leaves asking Rishita to handle Raavi.

Shiva is in his room. He notices the groom’s shervani placed on the table. He checks it and realises that it’s the same one Raavi bought and wonders what it’s doing here. He turns around to leave and finds Dhara. He asks Dhara wwhat the shervani bought by Raavi’s doing in his room and for whom it’s. Other side Rishita pours Shiva’s turmeric water over Raavi as a part of the ritual. Then she takes Raavi from there. Here Shiva says that if Dhara also finds this sudden marriage strange.

Dhara says that Hardik is getting married after so many offerings and asks can’t he be happy for Hradik. He says that this shervani is for Hardik as everything happened in the last time. Shiva asks why he didn’t know this. Dhara says to Shiva to stop questioning and go and help Gautam. Shiva says that something is fishy and he will find it out. Dhara gets worried whether the marriage will take place and prays to God to save her.

Meanwhile Suman and Prafulla meet the man, who gave car rent to the Pandyas and enquire. The man says that Dev has come previous day and said he wanted car for two days for some emergency. Suman thinks Dhara kidnapped Shiva and Gautam and Krish and Dev helped her in this. There Rishita is taking an intoxicated Raavi to her room. Rishita sees that Shiva is coming on that way. She makes Raavi sit under the table to hide her. Shiva asks Rishita what she’s doing here. Rishita says that she’s finding Dhara.

Rishita stops Shiva from coming towards her and says that Krish is finding him. Just then Krish comes to Shiva and says that Gautam is looking for him. He tries to take him from there. Raavi calls out Shiva. The latter stops hearing this. He goes back to Rishita saying that it seems that Raavi called him. Rishita says that she called him to say to tell if he finds Dhara, tell her that she’s finding her, it’s very urgent work. Krish takes Shiva from there. Rishita takes Raavi from there.

Prafulla says to Suman that she will accompany her and she has called Anita too. Just then Anita comes there. Suman says to Anita stay away from her. Prafulla says to threaten her kidnapper daughter in law. Prafulla worries that they would have got Raavi married by now. Suman says that her children aren’t like Anita, they won’t do such auspicious event without her. She says that they have to them. They leave.

Krish teases Hardik. Gautam and Dhara argue over finding a bride for Hardik. Gautam reassures Hardik saying that everything will be fine. Dhara says that it won’t, she will always feel guilty that that they’re deceiving Suman. Gautam reassures her. Krish receives Kriti’s call. He disconnects it. Other side Raavi gains her sense and says that Raavi wronged by forcing haldi ceremony. She decides to tell Shiva the truth.

Shiva notices that his phone is showing no sim-card. He wonders who would have removed it. He remembers that Rishita took his phone and wonders whether she did it. Raavi collides with Shiva and is about to fall. Shiva catches her. They share an eyelock. Shiva makes Raavi stand. Shiva senses that Raavi is drunk and scolds her. He asks who gave her alcohol. Krish sees Shiva with Raavi and looks on shocked.

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