Pandya Store 15th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Gautam telling Dhara that Shiva got all his sense and refused to drink the spiked juice. He also asks lot of questions. Dhara and Raavi get shocked hearing this. Dhara says to Gautam to do anything to get the turmeric touched by Shiva. Gautam leaves. Raavi asks if Shiva won’t get applied turmeric. Dhara says that he will. Dhara thinks of not telling about Gautam tricked Shiva that it’s Hardik’s turmeric ceremony.

Shiva is coming downstairs getting ready for the turmeric ceremony. Dhara and Raavi are coming. Dhara notices Shiva. She takes Raavi from there. Guatam comes to Dev, Rishita and Krish. He says that Dhara asked to get anyhow turmeric touched by Shiva. Just then the latter arrives there and asks where Hardik is. Rishita takes a turmeric bowl and asks Shiva to place it there. She makes Shiva touche it with his hand. Shiva says that he will take there another turmeric bowl too. Rishita and all get wonder what to do. Rishita asks Krish to keep Shiva busy while she’s going to Raavi’s turmeric ceremony. Rishita leaves taking the turmeric touched by Shiva.

Rishita comes to Raavi and Dhara. Other side the boys are dancing and playing drums. Rishita says that every time Shiva doesn’t know he is going to be the groom. Dhara pinches Rishita and signs her to be quiet. Hardik come to the boys. Dev feeds him sweet before he can say anything. Gautam says to Hardik that he is getting married, so he shouldn’t say anything. Gautam and Dev lift Hardik singing song. Shiva hugs Hardik and says that he is going to get married, but he gets to know only today. Gautam signs him to not say the truth.Hardik says that he also got to know this today. Gautam says Shiva to not divert him in his talk
He asks Hardik to smile since he is getting married and dance. Shiva looks on.

Raavi sees that Dhara is busy with talking to Rishita. Raavi leaves from there. Other side the boys are dancing. Hardik hugs Gautam and complains that he is misusing their friendship. Gautam says that he is his friend and if he doesn’t help him in trouble who else will do. Dhara notices that Raavi is missing and calls out Raavi. She wonders where she has gone.

Raavi sees hiding Shiva and the boys dancing. She smiles. Hardik gets scared that they will really get him married. Shiva asks where Raavi is. Krish says that she is in turmeric ceremony, she is helping Dhara. Krish teases Shiva he can’t stay without Raavi. Shiva scolds Krish. Gautam drags Shiva to dance. Shiva notices Raavi. Shiva moves towards her. Dhara arrives there nad takes Raavi from there. Shiva looks on.

Prafulla and Suman are together. Prafulla worries where Raavi is. A girl comes to them and says that Gautam called on’s Kanta’s phone. She says that Rishita’s relative met with an accident and all have gone to the hospital, Krish has gone college. Suman asks why Gautam didn’t call him on his phone. Prafulla asks where Raavi is. The girl says that she doesn’t know. She leaves.

Dhara scolds Raavi. She makes Raavi sit and requests her to apply the turmeric. She says that then she has to see how to apply turmeric on Shiva. Rishita’s two friends come there. Rishita hug them. Dhara stops Rishita from pending down and reminds her that she’s pregnant. One friend says that Rishita’s sister in law is very caring while the other friend says that she is bossy and tries to control Rishita. The latter hears this. Rishita asks Dhara to apply turmeric first.

Raavi stops Dhara and says that this ceremony won’t happen. Dhara gets shocked and drops the haldi bowl. Few drops of haldi fall over Raavi’s face. Raavi leaves from there. Later Dhara comes to Raavi and asks if she’s gone mad, what she’s doing. Dhara says that she can’t marry Shiva by deceiving him. Rishita comes and asks if it’s the time to think about it. Raavi asks Dhara to convince Shiva. She says that she can’t wrong Shiva. Rishita asks why she hasn’t thought about it before doing all this.

Dhara says that it’s too late to change the plan and says to Raavi that she has to get married. Raavi says that she won’t leave from there without getting married, but there is a change in the plan. She will also accept to marry her. Rishita says that Shiva will run away if he knows this. Raavi says that Dhara promised her and asks her to find a anyhow. Raavi further says that they already got married forcibly and there was pain in forced marriage and she won’t give Shiva again the same pain. Rishita tries to convince Raavi, but the latter stays firm in her decision.

Shiva asks Hardik to show his bride’s photo. Hardik says that he doesn’t have her photo. Shiva asks how she met her. Hardik says to question Gautam. The latter asks Shiva to be quiet. Shiva refuses to be quiet and questions about the bride. Krish comes to Dhara. The latter reacts angrily. Dhara says that she will find a way but she doesn’t care if she likes it or not.

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