Pandya Store 15th February 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Pandyas coming to Suman’s room. Suman says that the snake is in the hole. Its eyes are shining. Shiva goes to check the hole taking Suman’s stick and turning the phone torch. Shiva says that the snake isn’t there. Raavi says that she got saved. Family looks confused at Raavi. Shiva asks Raavi what she did say. Raavi says that they all got saved. Raavi thanks God in her mind for saving her. Shiva tells everyone to go out and informs the animal welfare that there’s a snake in their house. Gautam says that Suman should not sleep in this room. Dhara agrees. Raavi goes the snake burrow and says that she closes it now, so snake won’t come. Suman asks when the snake made the burrow. She didn’t see. Raavi asks Suman to let it go and says that Suman and Shiva should be sleep in her room. Dhara leaves saying to Raavi that she has knowledge about the snake. All leaves. Shiva wonders how the snake has come into the house. She spots the snake box and realises that the snake was brought into the house. He wonders who would have brought it.

Suman is scared of getting bitten by the snake and laments about it. Shiva comes there with the snake box. He says that the snake charmer uses such box and asks who has brought it. Raavi lies that she brought it from the market to put the vegetables into this to keep the vegetables fresh and smiles. Shiva asks Raavi to stop smiling and answer his question. Just then a person from animal welfare arrive at the Pandya’s house to catch the snake. The man says that he will close the burrow for tonight and will come morning to catch as in the night snake can hide somewhere else. Shiva agrees. Suman demands the man to catch the snake else it can bite anyone in her family. The man leaves asking them to not hit the snake with the stick.

Suman remembers Raavi stopped her from going to her room. Suman says that Raavi brought the snake. She has come back after her divorce with Shiva to kill her. Raavi says that she gets scared of lizard, so she didn’t bring the snake. Suman says that Raavi stopped her from going to her room as she knows that there’s a snake in her room. Raavi denies it. She asks Suman to check her phone if she got any calls. Raavi further says that she stopped Suman as they need Suman’s guidance to prepare the feast. Raavi recalls a FB. A FB shows. Raavi promises the snake charmer that she will return him his snake safely once her work will be done. She just wants her husband to return to her room getting scared of the snake. FB ends.

Suman asks Rishita to go to her room and get her medicines. Rishita is scared and asks someone else from the family to go and get Suman’s medicines. Shiva, Krish and Dev say Rishita to prove that she isn’t a coward. She’s not scared of snake. Krish hands a stick to Rishita. Rishita goes to Suman’s room. She comes back running and screaming snake. She admits that she’s coward. Shiva goes to get Suman’s medicine. He saw two glass pieces on the floor and says that Rishita got scared on seeing this.

Dhara says that they all can’t stay awake the whole night as they have to wake up early to prepare the feast. Any one of them should guard whole night. Raavi says that Shiva will do it as he is not scared of snake. Shiva agrees to guard alone. Raavi gets happy that her half work is done, she needs to bring Shiva to her room now. Suman refuses to sleep in Raavi’s room and says that she will sleep in Rishita’s room. Rishita agrees without any option.

In the late night Raavi covers a blanket over Shiva, who is sleeping. Raavi gets the snake charmer’s call and goes to answer the call. The snake charmer asks about his snake and gets worried for his snake. Raavi says that the snake is in the burrow and she closed it so that snake doesn’t go anywhere. She asks him to come morning to take it. Rishita gets disturbed with Suman’s snoring and wakes Dev up. Dev suggests sleeping on the floor. Rishita and Dev sleep on the floor. Raavi wakes up Shiva saying that the snake bite her. Shiva gets shocked and checks Raavi’s hand. He asks if the snake really bite her. Raavi is feeling dizziness.

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