Pandya Store 14th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Suman saying to the police to arrest Raavi. Police takes Raavi from there. It turns to be Raavi’s dream. Rishita comes to Raavi on hearing her screaming and asks what happened. Raavi says that she had a nightmare. Rishita says that it’s not time for nightmares instead time to make good memories. Rishita asks Raavi to get ready for turmeric ceremony. Raavi says that she doesn’t feel to get ready shocking Rishita. Dhara arrives there. Raavi says that she doesn’t want to marry Shiva without his consent and moke her marriage. She wants that Shiva to be in his sense while performing all the rituals.

It’s not right to make him do the rituals when he is unconscious. Dhara scolds Raavi. She says that Shiva won’t marry her if he gains consciousness. She asks if she wants to marry Shiva or not. Raavi says that she wants to marry him, but not deceiving him which angers Dhara. The latter says to Raavi to come downstairs getting ready if she wants to marry Shiva else she will never be able to marry Shiva. Dhara and Rishita leave.

Prafulla asks the hotel receptionist to check on the register if a room is book on Suman’s name. The receptionist says that a room is booked, but no one has come. Suman worries where Shiva took Raavi. She feels something is fishy. She doubts her family is cooking up something.

Dev and Rishita praise the decoration arranged by Gautam for Shiva-Raavi turmeric ceremony. Krish comes to them playing drums. Then Gautam comes to them and apologizes for getting drunk last night. Dev teases Gautam. He says that they will be in trouble if Shiva gians his consciousness. Just then Shiva comes there shocking them. Shiva says that his head is aching with the drink he gave last night. He asks where they’re, why they’re not at home. Krish spills that the wedding is going to take place and they have turmeric ceremony today.

Rishita takes Krish apart and scolds him. Shiva asks who is getting married. Dev lies that Hardik is getting married. Shiva asks where Hardik is to congratulate him. Krish asks if Shiva will congratulate himself. Dev scolds Krish. Shiva asks again where Hardik is. Gautam says that he is in Somnaath. Dev says that he is in the Somnaath parlor. They see Dhara coming. Gautam and Dev go to Dhara and signs her to Shiva. Dhara looks on shocked.

Raavi is getting ready. Raavi’s alter ego appears and says to Raavi that she should be happy that she is getting what she wants, but she doesn’t care about Shiva. She says that Shiva doesn’t love her, she hates her. Raavi says that she will change his hatred into love. Her alter ego asks why he can’t do it till now. They won’t become couple just by getting married. They have got married already once and asks if he loved her. Raavi says that Shiva loves her, she saw it in his eyes. He is upset with her now, but she make him hers after their marriage. Her alter ego laughs at Raavi’s thought and disappears.

Dhara scolds Dhara for getting drunk last night. Dev asks Dhara to let it go since it’s Hardik’s turmeric ceremony today which shocks Dhara. Shiva asks when Hardik’s wedding got fixed. Dhara says to ask Dev. Rishita says that Dhara means to ask deities. Dhara wonders where Hardik is. Shiva asks Dev that he told Hardik is in the parlor then why Dhara says that they have to find him. Gautam says to Shiva to stop questioning and adds that Dhara knows Hardik is in the parlor. Shiva finds something is fishy.

Gautam phones Hardik. The latter asks what Suman is doing at Prafulla’s house which shocks Gautam. The latter asks Hardik to come fast here asking uncle to look after Suman. He says that it’s Hardik’s Turmeric ceremony which confuses Hardik. Dhara comes to Raavi and asks if she’s ready. On finding Dhara tensed, Raavi asks if her haldi will be touched by Shiva. Dhara assures Raavi that everything will happen according to the rituals and hope Dev and Gautam will execute the plan correctly. Other side Gautam and Dev try to convince Shiva to drink spiked juice. Here Raavi says that she wishes that Shiva and her turmeric ceremony to take place in the same place. Dhara says that if Shiva gains his sense, their marriage won’t happen. She leaves asking Raavi to get ready.

There Shiva asks who is Hardik’s bride. He asks to see the bride’s photo. Krish asks if he wants to see Raavi’s photo which shocks all. Shiva asks what Krish is saying. Dev says that Krish means Hardik’s brids look like Raavi. Gautam asks Shiva to stop questioning and drink the juice. Shiva asks why they’re forcing him to drink it and refuses to have it. Gautam gets angry and leaves asking Dev to make him drink. Gautam comes to Dhara and says that Shiva refuses to have spiked drink.

The episode ends.

Precap: Suman sees the CCTV and wonders where they all took Shiva. Other side Dhara pours the turmeric water over Shiva. Raavi says that it’s wrong to have done forced turmeric ceremony. She decides to tell the truth to Shiva.

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