Pandya Store 10th February 2022 Written Update

Everyone asks Raavi and Rishita to say. Shiva shouts. Raavi and Rishita dance to Gunguna re…. and saying they are very happy, Mahant gave the order to Pandya Store. Everyone laughs. They all dance. It is night, Raavi is next to Shiva. He sleeps. She stares at him and smiles. Jeena hai….plays…. She kisses him. He wakes up and sees her. She shows his face to the camera. She goes. Suman wakes up. She asks what happened to Shiva. She sees her face with lipstick traces from the kiss on his cheeks. Raavi’s dream breaks. She hugs the pillow and says I wish this dream came true. She goes to Shiva. She says I will do everything I can to get him to my room. On FB, Raavi can be seen asking Mahant to start a good relationship with a man. Mahant asks her to have a close strong bond with him. There she sees a snake charmer approaching. FB is coming to an end. Raavi tells me to get that snake box. It is morning, Krish is looking for Raavi. He gets the book of romantic tips. He says that Raavi is naughty. Raven is coming. She asks for her book. He says it means it’s your book, you’re trying to win over Shiva. She says give it to me. He runs outside. Rishita runs after him and gets the book. She gives the book to Raavi. Krish says you’re at her party. She says someone should gift such a book to Dev. She sees Shiva and says lucky guy. Shiva asks what do you mean. He sees that Raavi is hiding something. He asks what’s going on. Krish says plans are being made. Raavi scolds him. Chris walks away. Shiva asks what you have in your hand. She runs away and says nothing. Shiva and Raavi fall down. She sees the book torn. He checks the book cover.

He crushes the papers and the trash. Raavi stops him. She says you’re in my heart and mind, wanna fool yourself, I won’t let you do this. He leaves. The men get the stock. Prafulla approaches and watches. Rishita says we are the best. Dhara says yes, we have to clean the grains. Rishita says I have to go to the office tomorrow. Raavi says we promised Mahant that we will do the work and serve the people. Rishita says I must and will go to the office tomorrow. Suman throws her stick at Rishita. Rishita is injured.

Suman berates them for arguing. Shiva goes outside. Prafulla is hiding. He gets a call and goes. Kamini says congratulations, you did a lot to close the Pandya shop, but still they got the order from Somnath bhandara, Mahant gave the order, Rishita went to talk about the order. Janardhan gets angry. She says she is becoming loyal to them. Rishita says we received the order in seconds. Suman stares at her. She praises Dhara and scolds Rishita. Rishita argues.

Gautam says we all trust you. He asks Dhara to teach them how to clean the grains. He gets Kaka’s call. He says the grain supply is being delivered. Dhara says everything will be fine soon. Prafulla hides and watches. Dhara asks if I will take you to Kanta House. Suman says I can go myself. She jokes about Rishita. She asks Raavi to write the letter that she is doing her job to her liking, they have not pressured her, she has wronged Shiva, take pen and paper, take Raavi’s sign. Dhara gets it. Suman asks Raavi to write it. Raavi looks at Dhara.

front hood:
Dhara sees the soiled grains. She says we have to wash and dry it, it’s hard. Rishita asks what will happen next. Prafulla smiles. She calls Kamini and tells her plan.

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