Best Non-Chinese Laptop Brands in India that you Should Know in 2022

Best Non-Chinese Laptop Brands in India that you Should Know in 2022

Non-Chinese Laptop Brands in India: A laptop is a mini-computer easy to carry around. A high-end laptop contains all the modern features with long-lasting battery life and better configuration.  So choosing the right brands is crucial to fulfilling the needs.

Recently, boycotting China commodities has become a controversial issue in India. Now, Many Indian users want to spend their hard-worked money on the right Brand.

If keen to know about the best Laptop brands other than those Chinese Brands? Then it’s time for you to go through the article.

Today! We are listing down all the non-Chinese brand best-manufactured laptops that created an impact on the market.

After high research, we have listed down all the best brands people would love to know about and operate their products in 2021. So let get started.

Also, we would be discussing the Indian electronics companies like Coconics that are striving to create an impact in the Indian Market.

Listing the Top 10 Best Non-Chinese Laptop Brands:

Brand Established Country
Asus 1989 TAIWAN
Microsoft 1975 US
Microsoft 1939 US
Acer 1976 TAIWAN
Dell 1984 US
Samsung 1968 SOUTH KOREA
Apple 1976 USA
iBall 2001 INDIA
Colonics 2015 INDIA


1. Asus

The evolution of Asus started in 1989. It is popularly known for producing high-quality Laptops, Motherboard, Graphics cards, routers, and several other emerging technologies.

In these ongoing years! Asus focuses on producing next-generation creative technologies. That would create an impact and better lives for every sort of user.

Is Asus a Chinese Company or not?

The answer is no. It is multinational desktop hardware and electronics established in 1989. The Brand is famous for the design and creation of its laptops. They are unique and different in comparison to their competitors. The Brand is related to Taiwan, not China.

Top 5 Laptops of Asus

2. Microsoft

Microsoft got established on April 4, 1975. Its created by famous names like Bill Gates and Paul Allen in the city of Mexico.

The Brand enjoys a profit margin with annual revenue of US$86.83 Billion.

The headquarters is in Redmond, Washington.

The company sells laptops, personal computers, consumer electronics, and related hardware services.

They are advanced in making quality laptops! Unique and Reliable.

Is Microsoft a Chinese company or not?

It is a non-Chinese company. The Covid pandemic resulted in the production of laptops started in the USA after shifting from China. Some of the known places like Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines enjoy the advantages from the shifting.

Top 5 Laptops Of Microsoft


3. HP

The Brand got established in the year 1939. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard is the founder.

The HP brands arrived in the market with the Product HP 2116A in 1966 and acquired pace.

It states as the Multinational Company. The Headquarters is in Palo Alto, California.

The company assumed growth by providing a wide range of high-quality laptops and hardware services. Hence this resulted in gaining a good amount of annual revenue.

Is HP a Chinese company or not?

It is a non-Chinese brand. Hence most numbers of the brand laptops are produced in China. Places like Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines also assume benefit from it. The manufacturing process lately shifted to the US and sold in the US and Asia.

Top 5 Laptops Of HP

4. Acer

The company is known as a Taiwanese Multinational Company. The most advanced part of the company is its specialization in laptops and electronics technology.

Its headquarters are in Xizhi, New Taipei City.

The manufacturing products are Laptops, PCs, Storage devices, Servers, Tablets, Smartphones, Devices, displays, and accessories.

Acer has grown to the world’s 6th- highest unit sales! As of report in January 2021.

Is Acer a Chinese Company or not.

It is a Non-Chinese company. The manufacturing process carries by parts of Xizhi, New Taipai, Pondicherry (India). However, it is an American (USA) brand.

Top 5 Laptops Of Acer


The company was established in the year 1984 by a student at Austin (Texas) ‘Michael Dell’

The company acquired market pace by the release of Turbo PC, the initial featured arising company device.

By providing affordable market rates! The company was able to gain the trust of its customers by offering high-quality laptops.

This movement resulted in the company gaining market pace. It became successful and went on air in the year 1988.

At next, Dell used the idea of online selling! Which resulted in overtaking marketing competitors. Hence the actions lead it to become the largest Laptop seller in the United States.

Is Dell a Chinese Company or Not?

It is a non-Chinese company. The company is famous across the world similarly in India. It is a US brand. Dell provides high-quality laptops at reasonable rates.

Top 5 Laptops Of Dell

6. Samsung

The brand is famous for electronics manufacturing.

It is a South Korean company. The company made its presence with a black and white TV I in 1968 and gained support.

Is Samsung a Chinese company or not?

It’s is a non- Chinese company. The manufacturing process carries in South Korea.

7. Apple

The company got founded in 1976. Steve job is the founder of the company.

The first Apple product got introduced in the year 1976.

As the company’s main focus on Quality! Soon the company resulted gaining pace in demand. The company produces a range of high-quality laptops, iPhones, Mac, iPod, iPad, and professional hardware and software appliances.

A report states, Apple sold around 1.3 billion devices in 2018: which is massive.

Is Apple is a Chinese company or not?

It is a non-Chinese Company. Manufacture process happens in the USA. Apple is an expensive brand but gives satisfaction in quality.

Top 4 Laptops Of Apple

8. LG

The Company is known as the hub of electronic brands.

It is the fourth-biggest corporation in South Korea. The all-around global margin sales score reach $55.91.

It produces devices in 4 business departments! Home Entertainment, Mobile Communication, Vehicle Components, and Hardware services.

The company employs 83000 people with a bulk work of 128 operations.

The Brand also produced laptops but in the least quantity. They are more attentive towards TV, fridge, Ac and washing machine.

Is LG a Chinese company or not?

Is it a non-Chinese company? The manufacturing brand is from South Korea.

Top 3 Laptops Of LG

9. iBall

The Brand makes laptops ideal for learners. The headquarters is in Mumbai.

The founder of the company is Anil Paramrampuria. The company sells its products in 27 various categories.

They are favorable to produce high-quality laptops. They signed a deal with Microsoft and Intel to launch windows 10 laptops.

The Brand was also awarded back in 2020 for better use of ambient media.

Is iBall Chinese company or not?

iBall is an Indian Electronics manufacturing company.

10. Colonics

It is Indian newest public-private sector Laptop manufacturer company.

Recently, the Brand collaborates with Intel to invest in the upcoming intelligent technologies.

Is Coconics a Chinese company or not?

As mentioned above, Coconics is India’s new emerging electronic gadgets company.

Final Verdict

Due to worldwide pandemic issues! We people realized the worth of using Indian products.

Let me aware you that China is ahead in the manufacturing process. Hence it maximizes their profits. So to make ourselves our life better we need to utilize products using our country’s commodities or products and make our country better.

So now you are aware and conscious! Know the difference between right and wrong and make the most out of it.

If any question? Plz, mention it down below in the comment section.

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