Nima Denzongpa 22nd March 2022 Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Sunita is calling Varun. She sees that Varun is not at home. She feels that he must be sitting in the upstairs room. She is going up but slips and falls. Siya and Varun come there. Here Virat asks Krish how he gave his front seat to Nima. He tells Nima that Krish does not give his seat to anyone. Krish tells Virat that he wants to listen to the song.

Virat and Nima are about to give him the phone and their hands collide. Duo shares eyelock Moment. Krish gets happy seeing them. Nima says that she will give the phone to Krish. Virat sees that Krish is very happy. He tells Nima that she has handled Krish very well. He thanks her. Nima says that she has a unique relationship with Krish. Further, she thinks that she should tell the family members that she is going to come home.

She calls Sunita. Siya picks up her call. Nima asks her why she hasn’t gone to the bank yet. She tells her that she is about to leave for the bank. Nima wants her to go to the bank a little late as she is about to come home. Siya lies to her that Sunita is not at home yet and she also has a lot of work in the bank so she cannot be late. Nima says fine and hangs up the phone.

Nima tells Virat that today they cannot go to meet her family members. She gets very sad. Krish and Virat want to fix her mood. Krish notices a saree shop. He asks Virat to stop the car. Here Gulshan accidentally sits in Pushpa’s car and the two also become friends. After this, when Pushpa goes home, she sees that Gulshan’s belongings are left in her car.

She goes to Gulshan’s house to deliver the goods. Here Krish and Virat take Nima to the beauty parlour for Nima’s makeover. Further, Krish and Virat are shocked to see Nima’s changed form. Virat says that Nima is looking very beautiful. Here Pushpa comes to Gulshan’s house and returns her belongings to her. Pushpa sees Priyal and asks her if she is her daughter-in-law. She refuses and tells Pushpa that she wanted her son to marry Priyal but two days back he has married someone else.

Pushpa is about to leave from there. Then she gets shocked seeing Nima. She wonders how a maid can become Virat’s wife. Here Nima comes inside the house. Mona and everyone else are shocked to see her changed form. Priyal asks Nima if Virat has bought her all this. Nima does not give her any answer to this and leaves from there. Mona says that they have to do something for Nima.

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