Nima Denzongpa 15th March 2022 Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Nima tells Virat that he is very selfish. She is about to leave from there when she sees a photo and asks Virat who it is. Virat tells Nima that they are Krish’s parents. Nima gets shocked hearing this. He tells her that he is Krish’s uncle and Krish was three years old when his parents met with an accident. Then he promised his brother that he would take care of Krish. He tells her that he has not even told Krish that he is not his father.

He tells Nima that he has already seen what happened today and he cannot see this condition of Krish again. So he took this step. He says that she is right that he is selfish as he should have asked her once. Nima says she was wrong, he is not selfish at all. Virat tells her that whatever he has done for Krish, he will even break the marriage as soon as Krish gets well.

He asks her if she will support Krish in his recovery. Here Krish regains consciousness. He sees Mona in front of him and gets nervous. Mona says that her sister is getting upset because of him and it would have been better if he had died. Nima comes there and overhears this. She asks her if she is not ashamed of doing such things in front of Krish. She warns her not to behave like this with Krish from today onwards.

Mona threatens Nima that she will not let her stay in this house and will make her cry a lot. Saying this she left from there. Nima sees Krish is crying. Nima consoles him and says that now he does not need to cry as now she is with him. On the other hand, Priyal is crying. Mona comes to her and asks him to go to Virat and do an emotional drama. Priyal understands her point.

She goes to Virat. He apologizes to Priyal as she is very sad because of him. Just then Nima and Krish come there. Priyal gets irritated seeing them. Priyal asks Nima to leave from there. Virat tells Priyal not to take out her anger on Nima. Nima tells Virat that Krish wanted to sleep with him so she brought him to his room. Virat says okay. Further, Nima is about to leave from there but Krish stops her.

Priyal asks Virat if Nima will stay with him. He says that Krish needs Nima. Priyal leaves from there in anger. She thinks that she should go to Krish’s room and break his favourite toy. On the other hand, Manya and Paras get into a fight. Pushpa and Rani get happy seeing this. Here Mona accidentally locks Priyal in Krish’s room. While Nima dreams that she has told the truth to the family members and they get angry with her.

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