Neema Denzongpa 8th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Nima teaches Krish to sing. She says try it. Virat gets confused. He says what are you doing? She says music helps with talking. He might begin to speak of singing. I saw it on a show. He says wow, you’re a doctor and therapist, aren’t you? She says no no. He says you’re interfering with my work. That’s all you do. It’s all bullshit.

Scene 2
Tulika tells Suresh you let my son steal. He says you are now Mother India? He was expelled from the university. Did you not care? He is now doing something good. I didn’t ask him. He got the money himself. Tulika says you stole it? He says I was Aai.. She’s going to slap him. Suresh says you don’t dare hit my son. I can take care of him. Be a good mother if you cannot be a good person. I can take you to court. She says you’re not threatening me. I’ll see you in court. Tulika comes out. She sees a postman outside looking for Suresh. Tulika says what do you want? He says Suresh isn’t home? I have to give him something. She says I’ll give it to him. I am his wife. She shows her marriage certificate. He hands the letter to her. Tulika opens it. It’s his offer letter.

The therapist tells Virat that singing therapy helps children talk. You should teach him music. It also happened in a singing show. Nima giggles. She says we will for sure.
Sunita says to Suresh, this Tulika is up to something. Tulika says come do arti with me. I have a Havan planned. They are shocked. Suresh says you just said you’ll see me in court. Sunita says we should go. It can work against you.

Scene 2
Banke returns the gift from Maniya to her. Maniya says no uncle likes it please. Aai talks a lot about you. Now I know why she admires you. He says your mom always cares about everyone. I am very happy to see you here. She says I wish everyone saw me like this.

Suresh does Havan with Tulika. She says we’ll do it together. Tulika chooses cutter. Suresh says what are you doing? She says to cut the wire. she throws oil into the fire. Everyone gets up. Suresh says what are you doing? She says Havana. Now I get what I want. She touches their feet. Suresh says stop with this drama.

Nima says Krish, let’s go out. You studied too much. He shakes his head. Nima says to Virat are you coming too? Will Krish like it? He says I’m busy. Nima says Krish, let’s play hide and seek? I am bored. Let’s hide. Virat says I will play too. No one can beat me. Nima says I will close my eyes first.

Scene 3
Pushpa comes to the table. She says to Rani sa what are they thinking now? You’ve always been against me. You must be happy. Rani says I’m not with you, I don’t want that girl to be DIL of this house. They were our domestic helpers. Our mission the same. Pushpa says it burns me when I see that Maniya here. Rani says Paras will go against her with our game. He will kick her out.

Nima looks for Krish and Virat. She goes behind the curtain. Virat is here. Nima falls. He holds her. He says I never lose. I just didn’t have time today. Chris laughs.

Varun gives food to Tulika. He says please eat. She says I’m fasting for my wedding. I will not eat. Sunita says what this new drama is. Suresh says I have to go to work. Tulika says I will win Suresh’s heart. Sunita says she’s such a drama. Suresh says she’s funny. I know she’s up to something. Sunita says I’ll keep an eye on her. Postman comes and gives a letter to Suresh. He opens it. Sunita says what is it? He says nothing. He leaves. Tulika says why he didn’t tell the message?

Scene 4
Virat plays with Krish. Nima says goodbye to Krish. Virat says I won yayyy. Nima gets scared. She says he is a child. What does Virat say? She says I kept his food. He says we can order. Nima says that eating at home is healthy for him. Please don’t feed him so much outside food. He says you know Krish better than me? Nima says I just want better from him. Nima says so immature.

Maniya cries in bed. Para comes. He says are you okay? She says yes. I miss home. He says you cry? Still hurt about the gift thing? She says you know? He says dadi told me how she accidentally exchanged gifts. She was very sorry. Didn’t she say sorry to you too? She has changed so much. Forget all that and get ready. Let’s go eat. She says okay.

Sunita says he gave more money? Nima says he held me again. That kid is very nice. Sunita says stick with this job. She remembers holding Virat.
Virat says to Krish, come, let’s eat. Krisha brings his food home and eats it. He says you eat this boring food? Eat this pizza. Krish only eats home food. Virat eats it and says it is so delicious. Give me too. Krish does not give it. Virat says we can share. He gets a call. Krish cuts it off. Virat says what is this? Kris starts to cry.

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