Neema Denzongpa 6th January 2022 Written Update

Paras And Mania Are Trying To Leave The House But She Finds Nima There. Paras Hides. Suresh Asks What Happened? Mania Says I Came To Say Sorry. Nima Ignores Her And Goes Inside The House.

Dinesh Gets Mania’s House Address And Tells Maaji. Maaji Says We Will Talk To Them And Ask What Their Demand Is. Dinesh Says We Can Call Them Here. Maaji Says No, We Have To Find Out What’s Their Standard. Bakay Hears The Address And Says It’s Nima’s Society. Maaji Says Paras Has Married A Girl Who Lives In A Society Where Our Servants Live. She Tells Dinesh That We Should Leave Early So Ranisa Can’t Tag Alone. Rani’s Servant Hears It.

Paras Is Sitting At The Side Of The Road. Mania Comes There And Asks Him To Go To His Friend’s House. Paras Says I Just Want To Be Close To You. Mania Says To Me Too But I Don’t Want To Make Ayi Angry. Paras Says You Are My Wife, I Want To Make Tonight Special. Mania Smiles And Says You Sound Romantic.

Nima Is Trying To Sleep But Recalls Slapping Mania. She Tries To Go Back To Sleep.

Paras Decorates A Truck That’s On The Road. He Pulls Mania In The Truck, There Are Roses And Lanterns Around. Mania Smiles Looking At The Decorations. Paras Says I Found These Decorations In The Truck. Mania Hugs Him And Says I Can’t Believe You Are Treating Me Like This. Paras Says I Am Sorry, We Had To Spend Our First Marriage Night Like This. Mania Says It’s So Cute, She Tries To Take Pictures But Paras Stands Close To Her. Mania Brings Him Closer. Paras Kisses Her Cheek, Mania Laughs And Says I Love You. He Says I Love You Too. They Both Dance Around Happily. Mania Falls In His Arms And Blushes. He Hugs Her Tightly.

Scene 2
In The Morning, Dinesh And Maaji’s Car Drive Away. Ranisa’s Car Follows Them. Dinesh Hides And Tells Maaji That You Were Right About Her, She Thinks She Is Following Us But We Fooled Her. Maaji Says I Am Scared Of What She Will Say To Our Relatives, Let’s Leave Before She Catches Us.

Mania Wakes Up And Hears The Truck Moving. She Wakes Paras Up And Says Ayi Would Kill Me. Do Something. They Try To Knock From The Back Of The Truck But The Driver Can’t Hear Them. Paras Looks On.

Maaji, Suman And Dinesh Enter Nima’s Society. Maaji Says It’s Smelling So Bad, I Can’t Stay Here For Long. They Look Around For Mania’s House. Nima Is In Her House And Sia To Wakes Mania Up. Mania Has Left Pillows Under The Blanket So Everyone Thinks She Is Sleeping. Sia Is About To Check On Her But Maaji Knocks On The Door. Nima Comes There And Says Who Is It? Suman And Maaji Are Stunned To See Her. Suresh Comes There, They Are Stunned To See Them Together. Maaji Says Nima You? Nima Says Mania Lives Here. Suman Asks Nima If She Knows Mania? Nima Says Mania Is My Daughter. All Are Stunned. Maaji Asks What Is Suresh Doing Here? Suresh Says I Am Mania’s Father. Dinesh Says It Means You Both Are Married? Nima Says We Had A Divorce, I Should Have Told You That Earlier. I Am Really Sorry. Maaji Says Wow, This Nima Is A Gamer. You Both Entered Our House First And Then Brought Mania In Paras’ Life To Trap Him? Nima Says It’s Not Like That. Maaji Says Enough, We Can See Your Real Face. Nima Says I Found Out About Paras And Mania Yesterday Only. Maaji Says Enough, Just Tell Me Where Is Paras? Nima Says I Asked Him To Leave Yesterday But Mania Is Here. Sia Goes To Wake Mania Up. Nari Checks Her Bed And Sees Mania Missing. She Tells Nima That Mania Is Not Here. Nima Is Stunned.

The Truck Stops And Paras-Mania Jump From It. They Run Away.

Ranisa Comes Back And Grabs Bakay. She Asks Where Did Everyone Go? He Says I Don’t Know. She Says You Know Everything So Tell Me. Bakay Says Okay Okay.. I Will Tell You.

Nima Sees Mania Missing From The House And Says I Don’t Know Where That Girl Went. Maaji Says You All Are Fooling Us. Sia Calls Her But She Doesn’t Pick Up The Call. Maaji Says You All Are Jerks For Fooling Us. You Always Praised Your Daughters So You Must Know What Your Daughter Was Up To. Why Did You Do All This? Dinesh Says She Must Be Greedy For Money. Maaji Says You Should Have Asked For Money And We Would Have Given It To You. Nima Cries And Says You Know Me, I Can’t Do That. Paras And Mania Come There. All Look On.

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