Neema Denzongpa 4th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Nima gives cookies to Krisha. he doesn’t eat it. Nima says I made you smiley cookies. Let’s watch TV. Nima turns off the TV and there is an accident site. He starts to panic. Nima hugs him and says it will be okay. Do not Cry. What happened?

Scene 2
Mayak says to Sia have you thought about it? She says I only consider you a friend. He says we don’t have to get married tomorrow. Sia says I’m not thinking about getting married. He says we both already know each other. Why can’t we start a life. She says I’m not ready.

Nima runs after Krisha with food. She says please eat.

Scene 2
Babita tells Maniya to wear this jewelry or Dadi will laugh at you again. They both laugh. Babita says this would look good. Maniya says isn’t this too heavy? Babita says it would look good. Maniya says you would know. I only make mistakes. Babita says we felt so bad about what Dadi did in munh dikhai. I am so sorry. Maniya says it’s okay if you’re like my sister, I shared clothes with them. Babita says you’re like Aunt Nima. She always stayed positive. Dadi says what are you wearing, this is so heavy. You don’t feel like it.

Suresh calls Krish and says where are you? Maniya and Paras should be able to come any moment. Nima tells Krish I’m sorry I have to go. Krish hugs her.

Scene 2
Nima comes home. Maniya and Paras also come. Krishna comes with Nima. Nari says come in superhero, let me show you my toys. Nima says I couldn’t miss dinner and I couldn’t leave Hikm alone either. His father was not at home. Maniya says where is his mother? And how irresponsible is his father? Nima says I don’t know. Nima says that Paras is sorry I was late. He says it’s okay. You are my soon and I should call you pat.

Scene 3
The man comes home. He rings the bell that no one opens. He breaks the lock and looks around at Krish. Does he say Krisja? Nima? Krish come out, what’s this joke? He looks everywhere. Nobody is there. He asks the watchman where Krish is? He says that Krish went with Nima. He asks where? Watchman says I don’t know. He says it was her first day and you let Krisha go with her?

Suresh shows gold medallion. He says it’s for you. You wanted to surprise Maniya, didn’t you? Take this. Nima says I can’t hold it. He says it was always yours.
The man looks for Nima, he drives and says that if something happens to Krish, I will kill this Nima. Nima gives gifts to Paras, and to their whole family. He says you’ve done enough for us. It was not necessary. Nima says these are rituals. He accepts the gift. Paras and Maniya touch Nima’s feet. She gives gold medallion to Maniya. Maniya says it’s so beautiful. But it must be expensive. Suresh says this was your pat. She wore it when she was young. Tulika says Suresh was mine. He says shut up. Nima says we’re going to eat. Sunit says your pat is ready all night. The food smelled so good. Tulika’s son says I will eat aunt’s food from Nima. I love it. Sunita says we’re coming for dinner.

Paras gets a call from dadi. dadi says where are you both? There are some guests. They have come a long way. Paras says we didn’t even eat. Dadi says it’s home like at Maniya. It is getting late. The ritual is done. Come home. Nima says is everything okay? Paras says Dadi says there are some guests. Nima tells you to go. Maniya says pat you cooked. That’s where you should go. I can cook for you every day. Maniya hugs her.

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