Neema Denzongpa 3rd February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Nima and the man look for Krish. He’s nowhere. The man says Krish, please come, I cancel my meeting. Nima sees Krishna. She says come here, baba. His father laughs and says you are a hero. Why are you doing this?

Maniya is waiting for Paras. She says should I go down? Paras says let me go the chance. Suman says yes. Maa ji says it was Maniya’s munh dikhai and she made tea for everyone. So many people came, but she’s used to it.
Suresh asks Tulika where is gold? What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine right? Sunita says go make us some tea. Tulika says things are going well.

Maniya asks Paras where you were? He says dadi stopped me. I came. She tells me to make some tea. He says I was just talking to dadi. Didn’t you already have it? She says not in the mood now. He says let’s watch a movie tonight? She says sure. He uses his phone. He says you didn’t even ask how my day was. How was munh dikhai? he says dadi told me everything. She says and now you have invested in your phone. his father comes and says we have to confer for tomorrow’s meeting. Let’s go.

Scene 2
Mayank tells Sia that I wanted to share my feelings with you. I want to marry you. You can think about it and let me know.

Maniya watches the movie alone. Paras comes and says that daddy gave me so much work. She says okay, I’ll stay here alone and watch the movie alone. It was fun. Paras sits down with her and says sorry. No one would come between us. Does she say promise? He says yes. Maniya locks the door. He says are you okay? She says yes.

Scene 3
The man tells Krish that it is a huge city. Don’t do it again. Nima says why did you go? You can tell me. He is not responding. His father says he won’t respond. She says why? He says that Krish has psychological problems. He hardly speaks. His treatment will start soon. Nima says don’t worry about it getting better soon. He says where is your house? Nima says I’m going. He says you’ll stay for a while, he likes you. Nima caresses Krish’s face. Nima’s house comes. He gives her money. Nima says it’s okay. He says I work overtime. She says no. He gives it and leaves.

Tulika sneaks into Sunita’s room. Suresh says what are you doing? She says I had a fever. He says take this medicine and go. I know what you were up to?

Scene 4
Nima comes. Chris opens the door. Nima says why did you open up? is there nobody at home? The man is sitting on the couch. nima says what happened to him? She says call a doctor? She brings water, Krish throws it on his face. He opens eyes. Nima says thank God you’re still alive. He says I was asleep. What’s wrong with you. Can’t stand people? She says if you think I can’t do this job, I can leave. He says relax, why are you being insulted.

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