Neema Denzongpa 11th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Virat sees his camera images. He sees Krishna crying. VIrat calls her. Nima opens the album. She says Krish, look what I found.

Maniya comes down. She asks Babita where are mom and dad? She says they went to a meeting. Maniya says that Sia and Nari want to meet for lunch. Should I call maa and dadi? babti says call them here i will enjoy too.

Nima says Krish sees your childhood picture, you were so cute. Virat is on his way. The car breaks. Chris smiles. nima says why is this photo reversed? Virat comes. He says how dare you? Get out. You are not the boss of this house. Who gave you permission to open it? Nima says I just wanted to make him laugh. He throws money in her face and says get lost. Best. Nima chooses the money. She leaves the money on the table and leaves. Krish cries as she watches her. He is holding her sari. Krish asks Virat to stop her. Nima leaves. Krishna says Ni maa. Virat and Nima are shocked. Virat looks at Krishna.

Scene 2
Maniya, Babita, Nari and Sia like to talk. Rani, Suman and Pushpa come home. Pushpa is angry. She says that Maniya must come here. Suman says your sisters are here. Puspa says what are you sisters doing here? Maniya says I couldn’t call you. I had to meet them outside. Rani sa says to send them home now. Maniya says to Nari and Sia, let’s go eat outside. She says dadi, can I go out with my sisters? Or should we eat at home?

Scene 3
Virat is upset. The therapist says it’s a big problem. He didn’t say ma. Virat says there could be another reason? She says to call her. He changes well. She is now a familiar face to him.

Rani asks Pushpa to stop Maniya. Pushpa tells Maniya that you should all eat here. Your sisters came here for the first time.
Suresh calls Nima. He says that farm is mine. It was all true. She says your day went well. He says everything is going well. Why are you so quiet. She says he fired me. I just picked an album. I don’t want to work with that man either.

Rani sa says Babita, you come sit with us. Nari says these dum aalo are my favorite. Rani sa says they must have eaten when you gave leftovers to Nima. Suman says I like your dress Sia. Pushpa says Babita is yours? Sia says no, it’s mine. Babita says everything looks good on you. Rani says they can’t eat with us. says Maniya but I eat with you. She says you’re different now. They can’t eat with us. We can’t behave with you like they do. Maniya says that I will also have dinner with my sisters. You can make a difference with all of us. She chooses her plate.

Scene 4
Varun says to Sunita, is she doing a drama? A woman says Tulika passed out outside. They run out. Tulika passed out on the road. They take her home. The doctor checks her and says she is dehydrated. Let her eat something. She’s too weak. Varun says you can die. Please eat something. Sunita says you will die. Forget Suresh. Tulika says pat to ask him to give me a chance. My life is with him.

Maniya is sitting on the floor. Pushpa syas what drama is this? Sia says we’re sorry. Maniya says I can’t distinguish between my sisters and me. I’m not ashamed to be where I come from. At home we used to eat on the floor. If you have a problem with my sisters at the table, I eat on the floor. Until you accept me.

Nima says he’s so immature. Sunita says I feel so sorry for that kid. What kind of father is he. Nima says he’s a cute kid, but I don’t want to think about them. Virat comes out looking for Nima. Sunita says you keep thinking about them. Nima says I don’t want to see them anymore. Virat knocks on the door. Suresh comes and says who are you?> He says VIrat. Nima’s boss, I want to talk to her. Suresh says she doesn’t want to talk to her. Virat says she will say so herself. Who are you? Suresh says she doesn’t want to talk. Nima opens the door. Suresh says go from here. Virat says I want to talk to you, Nima. Nima says Suresh, you go in. She says sir, you are going home. I do not want to talk to you. He says I want to talk about Krish. She says I don’t want to talk to you. Chris is very nice. You’re problematic, I can’t work with you. Virat says that Krisha is crying. He only calls you. I know you don’t want to see my face. He really needs you. Nima says you’re so rude. I cannot tolerate you. You were so screaming for an album. I can’t work for you. He says please.. He spoke for the first time in 5 years. Sorry. He said your name. I will multiply your salary. Please come back for Krish. She says sorry, but I don’t trust you. How can I work without trust? I can not come. She goes back inside.

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