Neema Denzongpa 10th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Pushpa says where are you both going? Paras says we went to dinner. Rani says, don’t other people eat in the house? All shame gone? Paras says we were just going to dinner. Suman says they asked me. rani sa says is your MIL not alive? Pushpa says it’s about manners. Have you ever gone somewhere without asking? Maniya says sorry dadi, you are right. You are also coming with us. Pushpa says no, thanks. Maniya says please. Rani sa says if they force, let’s go.

Scene 2
Suresh gives Nima 25 lacs check. She says what is this joke? What is this? He says read it. He says I was so shocked. He says my aunt named her property after me. She really loved me. I didn’t know she would call me a 1 crore country. Nima says this is your only one. You thought of me, that’s enough. You have to keep it. He says you are the most important to me. I’m doing this for you and kids. She says did you tell pat? He says don’t tell anyone. I have to hide it from Tulika until the divorce is finalized.

Mayank comes and says don’t worry, it will only stay with me. They are shocked. Kanchan is also with him. Nima says Kanchan? Mayank says you must have heard about me. I work with Sia. Didn’t she tell you about me? Sia comes. Mayank says, didn’t you tell your family about me?

Scene 3
Krish remembers Nima telling him how to sing. He says sa.. He tries to sing. Virat brings him hot chocolate. He says have. Virat says sorry that I got angry. Sorry. You are my big man. You understand everything now. He drinks the hot chocolate. Virat puts him to sleep. Krish tries to sing.

Mayank says I have a reason to come here. Right Si? I wanted to tell you all about Sia. Sia says that I.. He says that Sia helped me a lot with a project. I wanted to thank her. I knew her family would be great too. He says that Kanchan tells everyone the good news. Mayank says that Kanchan and Shiv are going to be parents. Nima says congratulations. Kanchan says Sia, will you take me to the temple in your society? Says Sia now? She says yes. Sia says ok, let’s go.

Virat tells me to stay in this flat until I find a big house.
Kanchan tells Sia Mayank that he is making fun of you. He is not suitable for you. Don’t marry him Sia says why would he do it? Kanchan says he annoys me and does all this for it. Sia says I know you don’t like him and he’s your brother, but you don’t tell me who I should and shouldn’t marry. The world doesn’t work your way.

Scene 4
Babita tells Maniya that what Rani dadi did was wrong. You arranged everything so well. Maniya says I’m trying. But I don’t know if I’ll stay here as a DIL or a maid. Rani dadi did not sit with me. Why did she come with me? What was my mistake? Babita says ignore her, she has an old mentality. Maniya says thank you, Babita. Paras come. He says Babita.. She says I can sit with my bhabhi.

Mayank makes jokes. Sunita says he’s so funny. Mayank says to Tulika why don’t you eat? Suresh says she is fasting. Mayank says big wish? Sia and Kanchan return. Nari says: sit down. Would you like some tea? Sunita says this guy is so nice. Kanchan says we’re going to Mayank. Mayank touches their feet and says it was nice meeting you all. You are my whole family. Mayan leaves.

Scene 5
Rani coughs. Maniya goes to her. She says are you okay dadi sa? Maniya gives her water. She says are you okay? Rani says whose bottle is it? She says mine. Rani is about to hit her. She says how dare you give me water from your bottle? Does Pushpa say what’s going on? Rani says she made me unclean with her water. Maniya says you couldn’t breathe. I saved you with this water. Rani tells me to take a bath. Pushpa says she has an old mentality. We have a class difference. Don’t tell Paras all this. Maniya says I don’t have to tell him everything, I can handle myself. Good night.

Nima says Sia never told you about Mayank. Sia says he’s a good guy, I work with him. He’s not like Kanchan. Nima says if there’s something in your heart, you can tell me. Sia says I don’t even know him, but he wants to marry him. I don’t know what’s going on. Nima says something is wrong with this man. Do not hurry.

Maniya comes to the room. Paras says where were you? Are you OK? She says no. I’m hungry. I made a sandwich. He says I can cook for you. Paras hugs her.
Sunita gives food to Varun. He gives it to Tulika. Tulika says I’ll see her eat. Varun says you haven’t eaten. Please eat something. She says: get out of here. He says pat to leave this drama. Nobody’s here, nobody would know. I have your favorite chocolate bus cuit. Have it. Sunita is recording. Tulika says I won’t eat until I have Suresh. Sunita is shocked.

Scene 6
Nima runs after Krish and says please eat. His cape rips. Nima says don’t cry. I’ll fix this one. Daddy will get you a new one too. Nima sees boxes. She opens a box and finds a family album in it. She sees an inverted photo and says it must be from Krish’s mother.

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