Top 10 Muslim Matrimony Sites in India 2022

Top 10 Muslim Matrimony Sites in India 2022

Marriage is all about finding the perfect match for each other. It is the joining of two people in a bond that putatively lasts till death. Most Muslims believe that getting married is the fundamental building block of life. For them, the main purpose of marriage is to keep faith in each other for the rest of their lives.

If you are also searching for the perfect match, many Muslim Matrimony sites are 100% safe and secure to use. Register today for free and find your special one on India’s leading matrimonial sites.

Here is the list of Top 10 Muslim Matrimony sites, which helps you to find the perfect match for your marriage. So, let’s Dive into this and Enjoy a Safe & convenient experience of connecting to the verified profiles and get a lifetime experience of togetherness. 

1- Zariyaa Matrimony

Sometimes people think that matrimonial sites will be fake or the registered people will be fake. But no, this is not the fact. Many trusted sites give safe and secure authority to find the perfect match, And Zariyaamatrimony is one of them.

Being the top Muslim Marriage bureau in Pune, it introduces as one of the trusted Muslim Matrimony sites for the easiest and genuine search of bride and grooms. They have been serving for many years in matchmaking of boys and girls. They go through the background check and guarantee you the legitimacy of each profile. 

So, find a suitable life partner for your own from the trustworthy and traditional matrimony sites with a huge collection of profiles. It is a reliable and elite Muslim matchmaking choice for the entire community living in and around Pune.

2- Pure Matrimony

We know how difficult it is to meet someone special and to share the journey till death. Now finding the right person shouldn’t be so difficult for you. 

Pure matrimony site is a popular Muslim Matrimony site and app, which matches 50 people to find their partner and get married in a week. They have created the three-match system to helps the Muslims connect with the right persons in a halal way. As it focuses on deep compatibility that is the basis of a long-lasting marriage. 

So, Create an Account and make a profile of yours, clarify who are you and what are you looking for, and then connect with the perfect match with your compatibility. 

3- was founded in the year 2000 with over 2 million members. This Muslim Matrimony site and app is most popular in many countries all over the world. 

The trusted way to do Nikah for Muslim bride and grooms seeking a blessed life partner. For this, the site has helped to realize over 50,000 Muslim marriages all over the world. They have a “review page” where the perfect match can share their story with others. It helps others to trust this site and find their perfect match.

Now, get to register the profile with full details and connect with the people of your match and find the perfect hand to hold on to for the rest of your lives. 

4- Helahel

Put your credit card away and register your account on Helahel for free. It is a place where a single Muslim can interact with others who came from the same traditional Islamic values and meet a life partner for their marriage. 

The website wants to build a strong relationship with the persons for completely free. You need to sign- up for this browser and find one that matches your values. This site was set up to help Muslim singles to find their loved ones. 

We assure you that you will find the love safely. As we guarantee you that your experience with this site or app will always be pleasant. So, choose Helahel as the number one website for Muslim marriages and get the benefits of using this free app for finding the perfect partner for you.


The Muslim matrimony site is basically for the singles muslin in India. It is popular among Indian Muslims. With around 130+ branches across India, this website will provide safe and secure authority to serve you better.

With 10+ years of service in helping single Muslims in India, Muslim Matrimony is leading one of the best websites for people who are looking for their perfect partner. Around 2 lakhs of people have found their matches using this website.

We guarantee that you will find genuine profiles with 100% verified contact numbers. It may be your good starting place to search for marriage partners.

6- Half Our Deen

This website is the traditional Muslim matrimony website that offers an in-depth compatibility test, a unique categorized matching system, and personalized questions. With members from all over the world, Half our Deen is considered the best app for people who want their perfect partner.

The website is designed for those who want to find their other half privately. The website emphasizes privacy, only the members can see other members, and you can only see the members of the opposite gender. 

Use their chemistry prediction tool to discover your compatibility and find your partner according to your choice and match.

7- is the pioneer of an exclusive Muslim matrimony site which is trusted by Muslims since 1998. They aim to provide single Muslims for marriage to find their soulmate to complete half and Deen. 

The website connects millions of Islamic Muslims bride or grooms who are looking for their perfect match. The website is constantly updating its website and using innovative ideas to enhance your Zawaj search experience.

Get to register your account to the traditional Muslim matrimony site for Nikah. Be a part of and make your nikah dream true. 

8- is one of the most popular and oldest free Muslim matrimony sites in the world. It helps you to find a local Muslim partner for your marriage.

It is the best platform to find your partner locally. Register your account for free and take the advantage of this site to search for your perfect pair of love.

The website is strictly restricted to those who are searching for a date and un-Islamic relationships.


9- Muzmatch

Muzmatch is one of the world’s biggest communities for single Muslims to find their perfect partner. They have attracted over 3,000,000 members and facilitated 30,000 weddings. 

At Muzmatch, you can keep your photos hidden and only use your nickname to remain anonymous to your family and friends. This application also gives you the features of selfie verification, SMS confirmation, and GPS location to check the authenticity of profiles.

So, get your account registration and use it for free. Start your journey and get married today.

10- Salams

It is one of the most popular apps for Muslim singles to find a potential spouse. They have claimed to have attracted over 1,000,000 users and 10,000 Muslim couples who met first at this app. 

That will show you the profiles of other members. If you are interested, then swipe right, if not then swipe left to pass. And if both side people show interest, then a match is made, then you can communicate with each other.

Create your account and find the best match for the rest of your life. 

Final Conclusion

Marriage is like a lifelong commitment. It is like finding the perfect pair for a lifetime. Consideration of the right criteria of choosing a spouse and acquiring premarital counseling leads to healthier matrimony life. 

So, below is the list of Top 10 Muslim Matrimony websites for you. Register yourself and find the perfect match for yours and live your every moment with love, happiness, and laughter.

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