Molkki 9th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Virender insists it’s true, but Yogi says that Bhabhi always does something for a reason. She can’t do such a thing. Anjali supports him. We should support her. Virender asks her how he can support someone who refuses to support him at the moment. Juhi and Manas hear them. Virender tells Yogi and Anjali not to let the kids know about his divorce. Manas asks Juhi what divorce is. Juhi is equally insecure. All I know is that we need to meet hatehi.

Purvi calls the nurse. Nurse tells her she is not afraid of her when she calls to threaten her. I will expose him at any cost. Purvi tells her that she also wants to expose Satyam. I want to know what evidence you have so we can do it together. The nurse says to meet her at a tea stall at 7:00 PM. Purvi agrees.

Guards don’t let the kids in. Manas asks Juhi what to do. Juhi says we will use Formula No. 27 to meet hatehi. Manas makes a window with his slingshot and the children hide. Guards look for the person responsible for it. Manas and Juhi manage to sneak into the haveli. They ask for hatehi when they come in. Purvi is concerned about them. She smiles as soon as she sees them, but she ignores them the next second. They hug her and tell her they miss her very much. Manas asks her if she missed them too. Juhi looks at the food and asks Manas to look too. Let’s eat it because we are bored of the usual food. They fill their plates with delicious food. Satyam tells the children that it is good that they are here. Purvi will be happy now. Juhi nods. Also let us stay with you if hathi can. Purvi talks rudely to them. This is not a dharamshala where one will come to enjoy a lavish life. Manas asks her why she is saying this. We lived alone with Chachi. Why can’t we live together now? Purvi says it was my folly. I can’t do this again. You can’t live here with me and I can’t live in that poor house with you! Your father has ended the relationship with me. why should I take your responsibility now? Manas says you loved us very much. Why are you doing this now? Purvi replies that she used to love them, but not anymore. She pushes them out towards the guard. Now go away and do not return. They are heartbroken and crying outside.

Guard scolds Juhi and Manas. I told you not to come here. Don’t come back! He pushes them out of the haveli. Manas hugs his sister and cries. Haathi is mad at us. We must apologize to her. Juhi disagrees. We’re not doing anything wrong, so no apologies needed.

Satyam tells Purvi that she shouldn’t have behaved like that. After all, they are children. Purvi agrees. However, they remind me of Mukhi ji. I don’t want to be associated with anything that reminds me of Mukhi ji. I want to forget him. She turns and sees him standing next to her. She scares. Do you want to help me? He nods. She asks him to bring her Molkki back to Mukhi ji. Can you give me 1 crore for that? Satyam agrees to do as she pleases. Mukhi is a righteous man. He won’t take it easily from me. She advises him to leave Mukhi’s jeep and money outside his house. It is his decision whether he accepts it or not. Think of it as a donation. I will return it to you. He strokes her hair and she takes a step back. He tells her to take as much time as she wants. I have a lot of time and money. I don’t have you, but now you’re with me too. Never leave me. You give me strength. I feel very good when you are with me during my attacks. She thinks the nurse told her it’s all a drama. I will find out shortly. she drops a candle and her dupatta catches fire. She screams. Satyam looks at it. She thinks he will be exposed if he saves her from this fire today. It will be understood if you pretend. Satyam stomps on the dupatta and grabs a pitcher. Purvi screams for help. Satyam suddenly panics. Someone save Purvi from the fire! Purvi thinks his attack is real. He doesn’t act. She throws her dupatta and puts out the fire. Satyam panics. Purvi thinks he is indeed sick, but she will wait for him to recover. Mukhi ji and I do not want to commit a sin by hurting a sick person. We will collect evidence against you until then.

Satyam tells Purvi that he is well. I panic when I see fire, but I’m fine now. She says I had to go for some work, but I don’t think I should go now. You need me. He tells her to continue. She asks him if he is sure. He nods. She agrees to be back as soon as possible and goes to change clothes. Satyam grabs his stick and pulls out his lighter. He plays with the match.

Purvi is on his way to the tea room. I hope the nurse agrees to give me evidence. She looks at the stable and sees the nurse. I’ll definitely keep you waiting. The nurse remains silent. Purvi touches her shoulder and she falls. She was shot in the head. Purvi runs to call for help. She clashes with Virender and hugs him in fear. He asks her what happened. She tells him that the nurse has been shot. She hugs him again. Inspector tells his juniors to do panchnama from dead body and call ambulance. He tells Virender that he will record Purvi’s statement afterward.

Virender gives water to Purvi. why are you so scared and crying? Do you think you are responsible for it? She nods. Virender blames Gajraj. She must have evidence against him and he did this to her. Purvi says it’s still my fault though. It wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t called her here. She wouldn’t have died. He tells her it’s not true and holds her hands. She pulls her hands back. He asks her what happened. She says I made a mistake. I had forgotten that our relationship is over. Why am I telling you this? He tells her it’s not over yet. She only pretends to hate her and break off their relationship. I don’t know why you had to do this drama. You could have told me in advance. She says I can’t hurt you or the kids. I swore to get everything back from that Gajraj. I even swore on Renu Didi that I will take revenge for her murder of Gajraj. He asks her why that is. She tells him that he is not Gajraj but Satyam! Epi ends up on Virender’s shocked face.

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