Molkki 6th January 2022 Written Update

Juhi Tells Manas Not To Lie. Apologize To Baba. Virender Tells Her To Let Him Be. You Know He Came Out After So Many Difficulties. He Asks Bawri To Come Home With Him. Purvi Tells Him That She Cares For Them But It Does Not Mean That She Has Forgiven Him. I Haven’t Forgotten What Had Happened Recently. I Am Still Hurt By Those Incidents. She Tells The Kids That Baba Loves Them A Lot. He Needs You Too. Manas Refuses To Go With Him. He Is A Bad Boy! Purvi Tells Him Not To Say This About His Baba. What Has Happened To You? Virender Says He Can Say It But You Cannot. You Too Think That I Am Bad Man Who Has Cheated You And Who Will Trouble You. It Wont Happen. Come With Me. She Replies That She Is Not Able To Forget What Had Happened. I Don’t Think I Will Be Able To Forget It Ever. I Will Live Alone. I Am Going Home. Manas Insists Upon Going With Her And Hugs Her. Juhi Chooses To Go With Baba And Hugs Virender. Purvi Leaves With Manas. Juhi Asks Virender Why They Cannot Live Like A Happy Family. He Promises Her That It Will Happen Soon.

Principal Appreciates Purvi For What She Has Done For The Kids. We Will Be Grateful To You And Mukhi Ji Forever. He Shows The Handmade Greetings From The Kids. Prakashi Ji Was The Owner Of This School But From Now On It Will Be Mukhi Ji. His Donations Run The School After All. Purvi Says I Don’t Mind Whether It Is Ma Or Mukhi Ji. I Have To Focus On Kids. He Asks Her To Give Tuitions To Kids On Offs. She Gladly Agrees. Principal Tells Her That One Kid Is Waiting For Her.

Purvi Comes To The Classroom And Finds Virender As That Student Who Wants Extra Class. She Asks Him What He Is Doing. He Replies That He Wants To Study. She Is Sure He Has Come With Some Other Agenda And Confronts Him. He Reminds Her How He Forgets Everything. She Calls It A Lie. He Asks Her To Call The Principal In That Case. He Will Tell You Whether I Need Extra Classes Or Not. She Agrees.

Principal Asks Virender To Write His Name On Board. Virender Ends Up Writing Bawri. Purvi Asks Him If His Name Is Bawri. Virender Fumbles. I Forgot My Name. I Told You I Only Remember This. Purvi Clears The Board. She Tells Virender To Write His Name Properly. Stop This Drama. Principal Suggests Her To Speak Nicely To The Student. He Asks Virender To Write The Name Of His Village. Virender Write Bawripur On Board. Purvi Says I Told You. Principal Clears The Board This Time. He Asks Virender To Write The Name Of The God He Worships. Virender Write Bawri Again. Principal Tells Purvi Virender Needs Extra Classes And Doc Too. She Refuses But Principal Insists. How Can A Teacher Refuse To Teach A Weak Student? You Will Teach Him After Class Daily Now. Virender Thanks Him.

Renu Gives Milk To Satyam. Focus On This Instead Of Studies. He Says I Will Study For A Little Longer So I Can Find A Better Job With You. Renu Reasons That She Only Wants Him By Her Side. These Luxuries Do Not Matter To Me. Satyam Says I Am Becoming A Burden On Everyone Now. Your Family Has To Pay For My Treatment Too. Renu Requests Him Not To Say So. Husband Is The Biggest Support And Strength For A Wife. Please Don’t Say This Again. He Agrees. Don’t Get Upset. I Promise To Spend All My Time With You Whenever You Will Be With Me. Do You Know My Favorite Music? She Denies. He Says We Have Been Married For Too Long. I Will Make You Listen To My Favorite Music And Then You Can Make Me Hear Your Favorite Music. She Nods. They Listen To His Favorite Music Together. Renu Receives A Call Just Then. It Is The Owner Of The Brothel – Hirabai. Renu Panics. How Dare You Call Me? I Have Nothing To Do With You Anymore. Don’t Try To Call Me Again. Hirabai Says You Are Losing Your Cool For No Reason. A Seth From Dubai Has Become Crazy For You After Seeing Your Photo. He Will Pay You A Lot Of Money. You Will Be Treated Like A Queen In Dubai. Come Back Here And Let’s Enjoy This Lavish Life. Renu Refuses To Return There Ever, Irrespective Of Whatever Amount Anyone Is Offering. I Will Come There With Police If You Call Me Ever Again! She Ends The Call. Satyam Has Overheard A Bit Of The Conversation But He Wears His Earpods Again Just Before He Turns. She Thinks That He Hasn’t Heard Anything. He Hugs Her As They Listen To The Music Again And Stealthily Looks At The Call List.

Purvi Is Teaching Virender About Biogas. Virender Turns Her Around Mid-Lecture. I Have Come Here To Learn How To Love. Teach Me That. She Says We Are In Class. He Suggests Going Out For 5 Minutes. I Have To Discuss Something Important. She Tells Him To Discuss It Here Only. Virender Shares That He Has Organized A Birthday Party For Manas. I Know He Is Upset With Me Right Now But We Will Be Really Happy If You Can Show Him The Party On Video Call. Purvi Assures Him That Manas Will Celebrate It With Them In Haveli. Send The Car. I Will Send Him To Haveli. Virender Says He Is Stubborn Like You. He Wont Come Alone. Purvi Agrees To Come Over With Him If He Wont Go Alone. Virender Hugs Her. She Asks Him What He Is Doing. He Tells Her That He Is Excited That His Son Will Come Home After So Many Days. She Tells Him To Focus On The Subject Now. He Makes A Face But Then Gives In As She Pretends To Call Out To Principal. She Smiles As She Turns Her Back To Him.

Satyam Calls Hirabai At Night. He Promises Her That The Seth From Dubai Can Get Renu. She Is With Me. Hirabai Asks Him Who He Is But He Does Not Disclose Anything. I Will Bring Her To You But I 50 Lacs Is Not Enough. She Tells Him Not To Worry About Money. Just Bring Her Tomorrow As The Sheikh Will Be Leaving Soon. He Agrees And Ends The Call. My Dreams Have Become So Big That My Own Wife, Humanity Look Smaller To Me. Sorry Renu Ji. Forgive Me If You Can Or Let It Be.

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