Molkki 4th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Purvi finds Renu’s mangalsutra in Satyam’s room. Why does Gajraj have it? She looks in the cupboard and finds few files. She finds Satyam’s report. It says Satyam’s burned down to the second floor during the bomb explosion. There is a photo of his photo after the blast and after the surgery. She realizes that Satyam was not killed in the blast. Even the mark on Gajraj’s hand is the same. It means that this is not Gajraj but Satyam. Then why is he pretending to love me? Does he have bad intentions like last time? What is he up to? It means he already liked me, but this has now become an obsession. He was crazy anyway or he would ask his wife to wear ghungroe and dance at night. I have to expose him to the police and let him die. She keeps the papers in the cupboard. Satyam asks her why she is showing off. Doc told you to rest. Do you understand how worried I saw you in that condition? Please rest. He asks her to take her medicine, as he is sure she hasn’t taken it yet. She continues to look at him. He asks her if she wonders if he told her relatives or not. I did. It was my duty to at least tell that Mukhi about your condition. You know what he said when my men told him about your health? He said he doesn’t want to have any relationship with him. He doesn’t care if you live or die, because you’re working here against his will! It’s such a small matter. Purvi knows he’s lying. Mukhi ji would never do this. He even tried to get in. The bad person here is you, not my Mukhi ji.

Saytam gives a hand bell to Purvi. Call it if you need anything. The nurse comes. Purvi thanks him for taking care of her. He leaves. Purvi says you’re taking advantage of having your face burned, but I won’t let you carry on with this facade for too long. I will expose you soon! I will take double revenge from you – for killing Renu and for what you did to Mukhi ji! I’m not leaving until I find solid evidence against you and you get the death penalty!

Satyam holds up a glass to Renu’s photo. Cheers! I felt so weird when you cared about me or said you loved me. I understand now because I fell in love with Purvi. I can’t stop thinking about her now. Pray she becomes mine soon! Let’s rejoice to love! He swallows the drink. I made a mistake by killing you. You could have taught me how to win someone’s heart if you were still alive. You wouldn’t have let me win Purvi if you were still alive. It’s a good thing I killed you! He closes the lid. The nurse saw everything. She hides before Satyam turns around. Satyam decides to drink on behalf of Mukhi. He goes out and calls for ex-Mukhi. The guard is asleep. Satyam keeps calling to Virender. I have to thank you for Purvi. I don’t like old things, but Purvi is not old. She’s queen! He wakes the guard up and asks about Virender. The guard runs to check, but Virender isn’t there. He begs for forgiveness. I fell asleep for 2 minutes, but he must be nearby. I will check it. Satyam hits him with the glass. The guard falls down and folds his hands. Satyam warns him to find Virender or else he will be killed! The guard goes.

Nurse pats Satyam’s shoulder. He asks her what she is doing here. She asks him how he can forget her and calls him by his real name. However, I have not forgotten you. He feigns ignorance. My name is Gajraj. Tell this to the man you’re looking for. She smiles. Do not pretend. Do you remember the explosion? I was the one who looked after you when you were hospitalized after the blast. I saw you turn into Gajraj of Satyam. You can fool the world, but not me. How can I forget the one who killed his wife! You are so rich and powerful now. I can take you down in one second, but it won’t do me any good. She asks for 10 lacs. Then I’ll be silent for a lifetime. This will stay between us forever. Satyam says I’m willing to pay even 20 lacs but how does it guarantee you won’t open your mouth later. She smiles. How can I guarantee a little thing if there is no guarantee for even life? Buy policy if you want warranty. You have no choice but to trust me. He agrees to give her money. Wait here.

Virender comes to see Purvi. He refrains from caressing her. I shiver when you feel the slightest pain. You can pretend you hate me, but I can’t live without you. Don’t ever think of leaving me! She turns and holds her hand over his in her sleep. Virender looks at her. Carefully he releases his hand and leaves.

Satyam has beaten the nurse and points his gun at her. She begs for forgiveness. He tells her that neither Satyam nor Gajraj makes such mistakes. Tell me how much you want? She agrees not to tell anyone. Just think I forgot everything! He refuses. It is folly to spare one who may cause harm in the long run. Gajraj does not make such mistakes. Virender tells him to drop his gun. Satyam is shocked to see him. Who let you in? Nurse manages to escape from there. Virender asks Satyam what secret the nurse was talking about. Satyam replies that secrets should be kept secret. Who are you to question me in my house? Virender reminds him that this is the haveli of his ancestors. Satyam insists that was in the past. Everything that was yours is now mine, including your Molkki. Virender hits him. He is about to hit him again, but Purvi warns Virender not to even touch Gajraj. Satyam tells Virender that he said Purvi is resting inside, but you are screaming. You even said that you don’t want to have any relationship with Purvi and you don’t care if she’s alive or not. Why are you here now? I will take care of Purvi. Just go away. Virender tells Purvi not to listen to this man. He wants to part us. He even gave me divorce papers! Purvi replies that Gajraj is not a liar. Epi ends up on Virender’s shocked face.

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