Molkki 3rd February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Purvi runs to save Satyam just before the stick seller can injure him with the poisonous stick. She is injured when they get into a scuffle. Satyam punches the man and asks who sent him. Purvi informs him that there was poison in the stick that could cause a heart attack and she loses consciousness. The man manages to flee. Satyam asks his men to call Doctor as he takes Purvi into a room and puts her on the bed.

Doc reaches Haveli with equipment, nurse and jailers. Satyam threatens him to save Purvi. Doctor treats Purvi.

A strong wind begins to blow. Virender tells Anjali that he is going to find Purvi. She tells him he doesn’t know where Purvi is, but he tells her he knows Purvi’s location. Children want to go too, but he advises them to pray to Kanha ji for Haathi’s well-being. He leaves.

Satyam asks doc about Purvi. Doc informs him that Purvi is out of danger, but she suddenly stops breathing. Doc is having a hard time, but Satyam threatens him to save her at any cost or he will lose his life.

Anjali, Juhi and Manas pray to Kanha ji for Purvi.

Doc tries again and rescues Purvi. Satyam asks him to stay in the haveli until Purvi regains consciousness but the doctor runs from there. Nurse offers to take care of him and Purvi. He ignores her and goes to Purvi.

Virender is about to have an accident, but the doctor saves him in time. Doc informs him about Purvi’s heart attack. Virender is startled. Doc shares that Satyam/Gajraj is mentally ill and asks him not to let Purvi stay in the haveli and leaves.

Purvi regains consciousness. Satyam sends the nurse away. He asks Purvi if she thought what would happen to him if something happened to her. You shouldn’t have risked your life to save me. She answers him that she can die for her boyfriend. He refuses to let her leave until she fully recovers. You must be hungry now. He orders servants to bring something for Purvi. Servant gives him an apple and he feeds Purvi. She sees a tattoo on his hand and remembers seeing it somewhere before. He goes outside to check after hearing some noise.

Guards stop Virender and tell him not to enter without permission from Satyam/Gajraj. Satyam tells the guard not to treat Virender like that because he is ex Mukhiya from this village. Virender asks him about Purvi. Satyam tells him that she is taking a rest. He hands Virender divorce papers and tells him to give the divorce to Purvi. Virender says no one can stop him from meeting Purvi. He defeats Satyam but the guard hits Virender from behind and he falls down. Purvi finds Renu’s wedding chain and wonders why Satyam/Gajraj has it.

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