Molkki 2nd February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Virender comes home and gives tickets from Agra to Purvi. She asks him what good they will do if they don’t go to Agra. He is stunned. You fought this with me yesterday, but have you changed your mind today? She tells him that she wanted to go there with the money he earns honestly. She knows he can’t earn that much working in a garage. He insists he worked hard to make that money. She tears the cards and burns them. He tells her that she is not the same Bawri now. Otherwise you wouldn’t have burned them like that. Purvi tells him that Bawri has lived in a large haveli. She never had to suffer like this. I’m tired of living like a poor person! I won’t be able to bear it anymore. She walks away. Virender wonders what really happened to her. She was never greedy for money.

Purvi mentally apologizes to Virender. I act like this, so you start to hate me and throw me out of the house. I want to take revenge on that Gajraj! Please forgive me. I’m helpless and that’s why I’m doing this on purpose. I would never have done this to you otherwise. Please forgive me. A man walks up to her and addresses her as Choti Mukhiyayin. You cry because you saw Mukhi j’s wounds, right? I felt bad too, but I’m sure he did for you. I also saw his antics and closed the garage. Purvi is in shock. He tells her that Virender walked barefoot on burning coals when she wanted to go to Agra. Which husband does that? He offers her water, but she is stunned at the realization. She runs home.

Virender lies down and pretends to be asleep when Purvi enters. Purvi cries as she looks at his burnt feet, but covers her mouth. She puts turmeric on his feet. Forgive me, Mukhi ji. I can’t see you in such pain. I do not want to hurt you. I love you very much. I do everything just for you. She goes. Virender opens his eyes. This is the real you. You can be mean to me, but I know how much you love me. I need to figure out why you’re pretending to be mad at me.

The next morning, Manas asks Purvi why she is giving them roti. We want to have pastries. Juhi reminds him of Rs. 10 rule. We cannot exceed the budget. Manas asks her until when they will play according to this rule. Nothing good comes in Rs. 10. She tells him to ask his Baba. It is only because of him that we are in this situation. We have to take this poor house from someone as a favor! Anjali wonders what has suddenly happened to Purvi. Why is she talking about Jeth ji like that? Manas asks Purvi why they pretend to be poor. My friend brings pastries daily. Purvi says his father must be rich. He won’t be like your baba who fixes cars. Maybe it’s our fate. Anjali asks her what she is saying. Jeth works hard for everyone. Purvi says you might be happy with this, but I can’t take it anymore. We would have been in a better place if he had worked really hard. I go to the shop window in a shopping center. At least there the air would be cooled. She leaves. Virender thinks he can understand her pain. You’re stuck in a bigger problem or you wouldn’t have said all this.

Doc tells Satyam that his secretary is awesome. She took such good care of you that you recovered quickly. He tells Purvi to be with him so he doesn’t have another panic attack. Satyam nods. Purvi tells Satyam not to go to the temple or kitchen to avoid coming near fire. He agrees to do as she says. Driver brings jeep. Purvi gets emotional when she remembers how much Virender loved this jeep. He reminds a servant that no one but him is allowed to sit in this jeep. Purvi asks him what’s so special about the jeep. He tells that his dada was the first to order this jeep from abroad. Flashback stops.

Virender thinks Purvi’s behavior shows that she’s starting to hate me. Why is she even doing this? Does she think I’m going to Sakshi for money? You are my true love. My family and I need you more than anything. His employer asks him why he came to work today. Your blisters haven’t healed yet. Virender assures him that he is well. His employer says who can tell you that. Outside is an old car that needs to be repaired.

Virender goes outside. Satyam and Purvi are outside in the jeep. Virender pulls Satyam by the collar. I let you go when you gave the earrings to Bawri, but I can’t bear to see you close to her now. Satyam asks Purvi to save her from this goon. Purvi stops Virender. She sits next to Satyam as his shield. Satyam tells Purvi how the doctor told him not to take any stress. I’ve changed forever. Save me. Purvi asks Virender to leave, but he questions her. Why do you have such sympathy for such a man? Satyam tells Purvi that he feels suffocated. Virender pulls him by the collar as he calls Purvi his friend. Purvi assures him that nothing will happen to him. She tells Virender to be quiet. I am his friend. Virender asks her if she has gone mad. Couldn’t find anyone else to be friends with? Purvi tells him to be quiet. I work for him. I take care of his work and him. He pays me a lac for the work. Can you give it to me? Satyam asks Purvi to take him home. Virender will kill me. Purvi steps between them as Satyam’s shield. He is now my responsibility. You have to look at me before you even touch him. Get out or I’ll have to call the police. Satyam grins. Let’s go, Purvi ji. Virender walks away angrily.

Purvi supports Satyam as he stumbles a bit. Take care of yourself. He smiles. That’s what you’re here for. He asks Shilpa to cook something for him. My secretary will have lunch with me daily. Shilpa goes to the kitchen. Purvi hesitates, but insists. Purvi sits quietly at the dining table. He asks her if she doesn’t like the food. She shakes her head. He asks her how she can live in that tiny house. You are a queen. How can you live in such a place? You’re going to lunch with me every day now. Purvi thinks he should not forget that this is all hers Mukhi ji. I’ll make sure everything goes back to its rightful owner. I don’t eat this food. My kids and Mukhi ji eat staple food so how can I eat this? She gets a call and apologizes. She sees pastries in the kitchen. Manas’s words echo in her head. She packs 2 pastries in a casserole and starts to go when Satyam asks her why she takes them like that. All this is for you. I know how much you care about Manas and Juhi. The people who are close to you are also close to me. Please take them. Shilpa informs Satyam that there is a stick seller outside. He said you called him. Satyam goes to look. Purvi holds back the frying pan.

Satyam meets the stick seller. I’m not calling you here. He apologizes to him. You are not that Thakur who asked for this. I should go. Satyam still decides to check them out. Someone has come out for repairs. Purvi goes to meet him. She tells him that the kitchen faucet needs to be repaired. He nods and goes inside. Outside she sees a man. Who is he? Where’s the watchman? The man is talking to a lady on the phone (Prakashi). I put medicine in the stick like you said. The moment the pin squeezes his body, he’s dead!

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