Molkki 1st February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Virender comes home. Purvi asks him how come he is home early. He asks her who gave her those earrings. She is silent, but he holds his hand over the stove. I will keep hurting myself until you tell me. She holds his hand. It won’t be easy to hear the answer to that question either. He refuses to budge. It was Gajraj, right? She confirms and moves his hand away. He won’t let her take care of his wound. Why did you take them from that man? Purvi thinks it’s not how he thinks. I now have to open the way to get back to the haveli. We can’t mess with him now. I have to take everything back from him. Virender tells her to do as she pleases. My kids don’t go to school based on the money he gave to the school. I will never accept it!

Purvi storms into the haveli and calls out to Gajraj. He says you’re here. I already felt you coming. Is this true love? She asks him what nonsense he told Mukhi ji. I can bear anything, but I cannot bear to see him sad. I beg you! You already stole everything from us. Don’t push him away from me now! He tells her to stop calling Virender Mukhi ji. He is no longer Mukhi. He has lost that position and I have left him for nothing! She tells him that this is the difference between him and Mukhi ji. He can’t see anyone in pain like you! You are no one who can value his love or ever can! He asks her if she is ignoring him because of his appearance. Love does not remain indebted to such things. They sometimes fade. He tries to hold her, but she goes away. Don’t you dare touch me! I know that love does not depend on appearances. He asks her if she isn’t bothered by his appearance. He means you love me, right? She asks him when she says that. I love Mukhi ji and will always love him. He loves me. Kanha ji made us for each other. He insists that the same Kanha ji sent him. He wants me to kill Mukhi ji! I must begrudgingly kill him so I can make you mine! She warns him not to even touch Mukhi ji. I won’t spare you if you even touch him! He even burned his hand today because of me. Satyam asks her if she thinks this is a proof of love. I can do it for you too. He puts his hand on the diya. She asks him to take his hand away. He remembers his accident and panics. His hands catch fire. She asks someone to call the doctor while she puts out the fire.

Doc tells Purvi that he saved the patient after much effort. He kept taking your name. he said how much he loves you. He may try to kill himself again, but your love and care can help him recover. She tells him she won’t be able to. He tells her that he understands that it will not be easy, but such mentally weak patients need such care. You have to do it. She looks at Satyam.

Purvi faces a dilemma. I can’t cheat Mukhi ji! Her other self asks her if she wants a man to die. Purvi refuses to support or forgive anyone who has hurt her Mukhi ji and those children. Her other self tells her not to forget that. You must be close to him to protect your Mukhi ji. You must go to him. Purvi refuses to do it, but her other self advises her to do it once that person recovers. It would be unjust to take revenge on a weak person. She disappears. Purvi thinks she should, but I know Mukhi ji will never agree. I have to make him hate me.

Virender apologizes to Purvi for his outburst earlier. She asks him to give her a new phone if he wants to be forgiven. He asks her how to give it to her in this situation. You know how crunched our pockets are. She tells him that he has changed. You’ve never said no to me. At least take me to Agra for a trip. He tells her that he does not have enough money to raise their children. How can I arrange a trip? She apologizes. He notices that she is packing a lunch and asks who it is for. She asks him why he cares about him and leaves.

Satyam refuses to take an injection. Call Purvi! Only she can treat me! Purvi enters just then. Take it easy. How will you recover if you don’t get treatment? I also brought you food so that you can recover quickly. He calms down. Satyam tells Purvi that he was right about her. You care about me so much. She tells him that he mistakes humanity for love. He asks her to be his friend when they can’t be lovers. I’m all alone. Maybe our friendship will eventually turn into love? He extends his hand to her and she accepts it. Let’s stick to friendship. Satyam says I want to spend my maximum time with my boyfriend now. Are you coming to meet me every day now? Purvi thinks she will if she has to discover his strengths and weaknesses and everything. She tells him that she cannot come to his house every day. I have no excuse to give to anyone. I also need to look for a job. He hires her as his secretary and agrees to pay her 1 lac for a month.

Virender wonders how Purvi can suddenly change. She has always thought of others. The boys ask Virender to fix the tire as soon as possible. They tell him that this was the work of a bear. Virender decides to take the kids to the show. When is it? They say that their artist, who should walk barefoot on burning coals, is unwell. Virender offers to do it just to make extra money.

As promised, Virender comes to the circus at 5:00 PM. Rakesh tells Virender to go home. This is not something you can do. Virender imagines Purvi asking him if he can’t do this. I’ve given such tests so many times. Rakesh tells him to leave, but Virender removes his slippers. Purvi persuades Virender to walk on the coals. This is the test of your love. Virender walks with difficulty over the coals.

Purvi asks Satyam if he never loved anyone. Satyam admits that he was once married. I was very selfish and could use anyone for any reason. I am now changed by how you make me feel. Your pain makes me cry, so I think I fell for you. Purvi points out that they only met 2-3 days ago. How can you fall in love in such a short time? satyam says it can happen. You made me realize that there is something good in me.

Virender’s feet are burned, but he crosses the coal-laden path.

A person sprays mosquito repellent nearby. Satyam panics when he thinks about the explosion again. Purvi tells him that nothing will happen to him. I’m with you. He clings to her. Save me! She sends the person away and takes Satyam to his room. Satyam thinks she loves him. Your heart melted the moment you saw me with pain. You may not accept it today, but I’ll make you admit it soon!

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