Molkki 10th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Purvi surreptitiously returns home. Thank you Kanha ji for I could tell Mukhi ji everything. He has also promised to support me. I should quietly go to my room so that Satyam won’t doubt me. Satyam turns on the lights just as she goes upstairs. Where were you? She lies that she went to take care of a friend. He tells her that she has to take care of herself first. You could have told me. she lies that she doesn’t want to bother him, but he tells her never to leave him alone. I was so scared. He hugs her. she cringes at his touch. He makes her promise that she will never go without a guard. She wonders how she will get out of the haveli alone now. This is a problem.

The next morning Virender decides to exercise, but then he sees his jeep outside. He wonders who left it here. He also finds a bag of money in the jeep. Why did Gajraj leave the jeep and bag here? It must be because of Bawri’s idea. I hope he doesn’t take unfair advantage of her in return. He calls Purvi. he asks her about the jeep and bag. Did you make a deal with that man in return? She asks him if he doubts her again. He says that a man should doubt when his wife will stay with someone else. However, I don’t doubt you. I just don’t want you to get in trouble for that. She assures him that there is no such thing. I will meet you today and tell you everything. He tells her that he wants to have a fair fight and win everything back. This is not to get the fair and square back. She walks downstairs while Satyam calls her.

Satyam asks her to have breakfast but she tells him she has been holding. I go to the temple first and eat later. He sends his guard (Bhawani) with her. Purvi causes Bhawani to drop her at one point. I had decided to walk barefoot from here, so I will go alone.

Virender paces anxiously. Anjali is worried that Purvi may not make it, but Virender is sure that Purvi is smarter than him. Purvi enters just then. Anjali becomes meiotonal. You do so much for all of us on your own. Purvi says you’re all with me in this. We’ll expose him soon. Anjali nods. You will be able to prove that he is Satyam, right? Purvi says he closed everyone’s mouth with his money. We have to think smart. She tells Virender that she didn’t take Satyam’s jeep and money like a thief. We only get back what is really ours. Satyam makes our children beg for every cent in the street differently. Our struggle is between good and evil. Right must win! Virender agrees. They all sit down and write something. Purvi tells Virender that they cannot take revenge on Satyam until he recovers from his fear. Virender praises her for winning fairly. Now go or he will doubt.

Purvi returns to haveli and asks Satyam if he has eaten anything. He tells me how to eat it if you haven’t eaten yet. She thinks he lies so beautifully. She tells him that expert ji said the planets are not in the right place and something is wrong in the haveli. I don’t believe any of it, so we don’t have to worry about it. She remembers that Anjali had previously told her that Satyam is very superstitious. He will eventually sit in front of the fire and give aahuti. Purvi tells Satyam to ignore it as he will panic when he sees fire. You’ve been doing well for 2 days. Let’s ignore this. She thinks he’s trapped now if he agrees to this havan. He tells her that they must agree on the Havan. She pretends to be concerned, but he insists. She agrees to make preparations for the Havan. Purvi thinks Anjali was right. If you don’t become afraid of the fire during the Havan, then I’ll start my revenge!

The next morning, Purvi asks Satyam to come get Havan. He tells her that he will come after taking a bath. She tells him to take his meds so he doesn’t have another panic attack. He thanks her for her concern. I take my medicine daily and I have already taken today’s medicine. She leaves when she sees the open almirah. The drugs are untouched. She realizes that he lied to her. you will soon be exposed.

Satyam and Purvi sit down for the puja. Pundit ji asks Satyam to light the havan but Purvi refuses. He panics as soon as he sees fire. Satyam tells her that he will do this havan wholeheartedly. After all, it’s good for us. He lights the havan kun. Purvi and pundit ji observe him closely. Pundit ji tells Satyam to give aahuti after every mantra. Satyam does what he says. He continues to look scared. Purvi thinks she has finally understood that he is not sick at all. That was drama. Get ready for your destruction!

Precap: Satyam finds his old, half-burnt photos in Purvi’s room and thinks she really loves him. It’s none other than me! Purvi is in a restaurant with Virender. Satyam joins her as soon as Virender leaves. Satyam asks her if she is here to meet someone she loves. She nods. A lot. He asks her to call that person then.

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